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    1500 pt. armor list

    I have recently been having problems facing SM's and I posted a list of what I usually run and what my opponent runs (we play 1500pts. random senario) After reading all your comments this is what I came up with. Because I don't know how to link to my other post I will list again what my friend usually beats the hell out of me with:


    10 Stergaurd? (the ones with the special ammo.) w/ 2 ML

    3 10 man Tac. squads all with flamers and ML broken up into 5 man combat squads

    2 Dreads w/ ass. cannons

    2 Landspeeders w/ ass. cannons

    7 or 8 man Scout squad with Scout special character (the one who can target indiv. models)

    Now, here is what I have come up with to tackle this:

    Demon Prince w/ MoS, Lash, wings

    10 Marines, champ w/ PS, 2x meltas, Rhino

    10 Marines, champ w/ PS, 2x meltas

    8 Plague Marines, champ w/PF, 2x plasmas, rhino

    Dread w/ add. CCW

    Dread w/ add. CCW

    2x Defilers, both kitted out to be all CC

    Predator w/ all Lascannons

    What do you all think of this list? I figured I would put in as many large meaty targets as I could as to make him really have to think about what he wants to shoot with his heavy weapons. Also, my last list was seriously lacking in anti armor, which as you can see he has a decent amount, and with his Scout character he was taking out my hvy. weaps. Comments/criticism is very appreciated.

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    If you like or dislike what I have to say, please by all means add to/hinder my rep. Thank you.

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