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    2250 Chaos-zilla (Need feedback!)

    DP - Wings, MoS, Lash
    DP - Wings, MoK
    Greater Daemon

    Dreadnought - ML, DCCW, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor
    Dreadnought - ML, DDCW, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor

    10 CSM w/ PF Champ, x2 Meltas, IoCG, Rhino
    10 CSM w/ Champ, x2 Plasma, IoCG, Rhino w/ Extra Armor, Combi-Melta
    8 Berserkers w/PF Champ, Rhino w/ Extra Armor
    5 Plague Marines w/ PF Champ, x2 Plasma

    6 Raptors w/ LC Champ, x2 Meltas, IoCG

    Defiler w/ extra DCCW, TL Heavy Flamer
    6 Havocs w/ x3 AutoCannons, IoCG
    2 Obliterators

    2248 pts

    I'm considering replacing the Havocs and the Oblits with an equally priced pair of Predators:
    Predator w/ TL LC turret, x2 LC sponsons, extra armor
    Predator w/ AC, x2 HB Sponsons, Havoc Launcher, extra armor

    It seems that I might get more dakka and resilience out of the Preds and that they'll go with my list a little better.

    What does everyone think about this and the list in general? The idea is that I'll be putting a lot of things on the table that require AT fire and that my opponent will have trouble dealing with them all before they reach his lines.

    "Is Archon Braigh-Dee going to have to choke a Wych?

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean about having alot of units being magnets to AT fire. You've only got 6 AV targets, which seems more or less average for the point limit. Although you ave dual prince, which might take on some ST10 hits, but I'd tink more dakkadakka would be used to take them down. haven't played with or against them, so cant really tell.

    But a few notes would be to consider the Extra armour on your vechicles. 1/6 ignored on a damage table might not be worth it.

    And for more flexibility with your GD, you could remove vamilla champs PF for Melta bombs, and the LC from your raptors (Again, for melta bombs). Without these upgrades, you'll get another 95pts to get extra plagues or raptors. or even another oblit.

    - Actually, if you removed the Havocs as well, you could take a cheap Auto/Las predator, and get a total of 125 pts for another dread. but that's just a thought.
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