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    1500 Nurgle Ironwarriors casual game

    Daemon Prince 175
    Mark of nurgle

    Terminators 195 ( Deep strike )
    Champ w/ Powerfist
    3 x combia plasma
    Heavy flamer

    10 PM 335
    Champ / Powerfist
    plasma gun
    plasma gun

    10 CSM 255
    Champ W/ Powerfist
    2 X Melta

    Predator 130
    Lascannon Sponsors
    Lasscannon turret

    Defiler 150
    extra close combat
    extra close combat

    10 CSM 210
    champ W/ Powerfist combi
    plasma gun
    heavy bolter

    General tatics, Run Daemon prince forward with rhinos aiming for objectives, Defiler trying to avoid tanks but keeping infantry heading towards enemy, if possible getting into assault. Predator staying back with third squad of troops who will be siting objectives as pred takes pop shots at vehicles

    I thank you for reading my post and if you have any suggestions please recommend your ideas , I do however know that the friend im playing is only running dreadnoughts thus the lack of anti-tank.

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    an all las pred is 165, not 130. your thinking autocannon w/las sponsons.
    other than that, it looks good.

    watch out for the dreads getting in cc with your defiler, they'll stomp it in cc.

    watch out for the dread charging your termies as they'll hurt em bad.

    other than that, maybe look at what your heavy bolter is for? maybe you might want to switch it for an autocannon or something else with a bit more range so you can piss off his rhinos or something with the unit thats guarding the pred. krak missiles are nice for autokilling lords n such.

    since the squad guarding the pred will be hanging back, you could get rid of their champ, n the extra plasma gun, and you'd have 55 pts from that. find 20 more somewhere and you can replace that one champion with a single obliterator. for guard duty oblits are very nice.

    just my .02 cents.
    Take my words with a grain of salt, i am not the tactical genius i think i am!

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