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    Starting a Chaos army

    Hey i am new to chaos. i have a decent sized necron army but now that my necron army is finished i would like to make a chaos army im aiming for 1500 points as i do not yet have the codex to start off with i was thinking something along the lines of

    10x chaos marines
    10x chaos marines
    12x khorne berserkers
    1x predator
    1x hq need help on which hq to choose

    Could i please get help on which HQ to choose and wat else i should add to make it a 1500 point army

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    Buy your Codex first.

    I would start with the CSM Battleforce box. You get 15 standard CSM, 5 Possessed, 8 Berzerkers, and a Rhino. This gives you 3 units of Troops, which is a great start.

    Use the Possessed to make more standard CSMs. On the standard CSM sprues, you get arms with Bolt Pistols. As CSMs come with Bolter, Bolt Pistol and CCW, you can easily model them with either BP or Bolter.

    The Possessed models are beautiful, and make especially good champions. Keep the Winged Backpacks for making Raptors or HQ models, and see if any of your local players has a couple of spare CSM or SM backpacks you can have.

    Make sure you give all your Champions Power Fists. You can use some of the Possessed arms to help in this regard.

    If you hunt online, you'll find shops selling these boxes for around 40% below GW's retail cost.

    Next, you need to think about Anti-Tank. A Predator is a good start, or for a similar cost, you could buy two Obliterators. They are very popular amongst CSM players.

    For HQs, spend the time to read all of this:

    Hope this helps, and welcome to the fold!

    Lord Ramon

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