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    Help needed to revise list.

    I used to play Chaos, before taking a break to start up the orks, however ive decided to come back and revise my list. One thing i would like to make clear, I do not want to use lash in this list, id like it to be different from the myriad of dual lash list out there, however dangerous they are

    Lord – terminator armour, mark of slaneesh, daemon weapon Personal icon - 155

    Sorcerer –terminator armour, mark of tzeentch, wind of chaos, warp time - 200

    5 Champion terminators, with combi-melta and mark of tzeentch - 265

    8 Khorne Bezerkers with champion with powerfist - 213

    2 X 10 marines, champion, powerfist, mark of Nurgle, rhino – 520

    Landraider, extra armour – 235

    2 vindicators – 250

    1838 total

    Plan is to zoom the lord and bezerkers up in the raider, with the other units, then deep strike the sorcerer and termies near the icons on the squads. with their meltas, the termies could scrag any heavry transports, whilst the scorcere then warptimes, then winds the emerged squad badly. (note, id split them on arrival, so they can shot at seperate targets) Other squads act as a back up, with vindicators firing at any tarets that need be.

    My big concern is that there isnt huge number of models, and they could well get taken out fast. Any help?

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    one quick note. Since you ave the points for it, replace extra armor wit deamonic possession. minor improvement, but an improvement none the less
    And now to erase your memory of this entire conversation.

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