Hi there, I'm rather new to Daemons and I am trying to figure out a list before I start buying everything. This is a list I came up with to start my army and turned into a 1500 point list. Let me know what you think, it's my first list.

-Lord of Change
--Master of sorcery, instrument

-Flamers (6)

-Bloodletters x 10

Bloodletters x 10

Bloodletters x 10


Fast Attack:
Screamers (6)

Heavy Support:
-Soul Grinder (2)
--Both with phlegm

Comes out to 1496. I am planing for the HQ to fly around and shoot troops and attack small ones. Flamers will jump around and shoot troops and glance tanks if necessary. Troops 3 x 10 blood letters, self explanatory, I mark incase sides get switched. Plague-bearers for deep-striking. Screamers will go and take out tanks (is 6 overkill? in case get shot?). 2 soul grinders with phlegm to take out hordes.
What cha' think?