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    Black Legion list help, (1500 and 2000 pt) (Mainly Friendly)

    Hey guys, new to the Librarium although i have been reading over it for a few weeks and checking out some of the threads, i thought it was about time, since im in the process of trying to finalise a chaos list of both 1500 pts and 2000 pts and having a kinda hard time, mainly due to lack of game experience. (i'm only really used to 4th ed, just starting out again in 5th so yeah below is what i had so far for a 1500 pt list).

    Daemon Prince + Wings + MoS + LoS = 155 Points

    5 Terminators = 225 Points
    - 2 Combi Meltas
    - 1 Combi Flamer
    - 2 Power Fists
    - IoN


    9 CSM + 1 Asp. Champ + PF + Rhino + 2x Melta = 245 pts

    9 CSM + 1 Asp. Champ + PF + Rhino + 2x Melta = 245 pts

    7 Noise Marines + 1 Champ + 6 sonic blasters + 1 blastmaster + doom siren + power weapon = 250 pts. (Possibly a rhino)

    Heavy Support:

    2 Obliterators = 150 pts

    Defiler = 150 pts.

    Total: 1420

    Not sure where the remaining points should go, and that 1420 is calculated without the third possible rhino.

    As a black legion player, i'd like to include the cult marines where possible, and would really appreciate any input into this 1500 point list and a 2k point list and a possibly 2.5k tourny list.

    You can build on this one or start a new one, all help is appreciated, cheers guys.

    ~ Winter.

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    HQ: Classic.

    Elites: Get 2 combi plasmas in there too. On your deepstrike turn you cannot charge so may as well fire the lot and shred some poor unit. Combiflemar costs the same as a heavy flamer.

    Troops: IoCG for the CSM squads to keep them from running and use them as teleport homers for the terminators. noise marines should be one of 2 types..
    1. 6-10 strong with sonic blasters and possibly a blast master. Use them as long range fire support while holding home field objectives. no need for a rhino or champion.
    2. 6-10 strong with bolters and a rhino. Also need a champion with PW and doomsiren. These are a good knife fighting unit to get in close and ripp people apart. Sonics arent really needed as they only fire once when leaving the vehicle and you always have bolt pistols to fire when charging.
    Heavy: Good. Addind IoCG alows you to teleport the oblits if you need to using the icons.

    I would make the noise marines 6 strong with sonic blasters then pay for the icons and combiplasmas on the termies. This leaves 120 points left over so what about dropping a single combiweapon from the termies to get a vindicator.
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    Mad Cat has got it down for you.

    I would lose the Nurgle from your Termies.

    I wouldn't use IOCG as I think you'll need your Oblits to be shooting as quickly as possible.

    To increase the list, try a Predator or 2 more Oblits. Then maybe a unit of Raptors (PF not Lightning Claws!) with Meltaguns or more Troops.

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