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Thread: 1K Khorne list

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    1K Khorne list

    Pretty simple list, just wanted to get some feedback. Thanks in advance.

    HQ: Kharn 165

    Troops: 8 zerkers
    1skull champ w/ pwr fist 248pts
    rhino w/dozer blades

    8 zerkers
    1skull champ w/ pwr weapon 238pts
    rhino w/ dozer blades

    7 zerkers (this squad runs with Kharn)
    rhino w/ dozer blades

    Heavy: Chaos Defiler w/ twin linked Las 170

    total 1008. a tad over 1k, i usually only play friendly games but if being slightly over 1k would be a problem i would drop a dozer blade from 1rhino. to make it 1003pts

    by the way general tactics should be pretty obvious, just rhino rush them, with the defiler creating cover fire and or popping tanks with its las. I mostly play against space marines

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    The Only thing i'd be concerned with is kharm going nuts and hitting your own serkers, so i'd run him in the rhino with them and then on the turn you get him out, get him away from any other squad to negate that rule.

    Aside from that maybe the power fist on the second squad of zerkers is a bit of a concern as your wasting the furious charge rule.

    Also i'd probably swap out an 8 man squad and put in a regular CSM squad with MoK with 2 x Melta guns and a Asp champ with a p/fist for a bit of extra tank busting.

    Hope that helps.

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