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    2000pt Fallen Angels (NO CYPHER)

    This is a new chaos list ive been working on and alot of the units are heavily converted with dark angels stuff. Let me know what you think, this list is not for strictly competitive play but i would like it to be able to win now and then.

    Fallen Master of the Deathwing (Chaos Lord)-- Terminator Armor, mark of khorne, lightning claws-- 140
    (mark khorne here and other icons of khorne are to reflect the veteran skill of the fallen, it was a toss up between khorne and slaanesh really as a way to reflect their improved skills, input? i just like more attacks haha.)

    4 Fallen Deathwing terminators (champions)-- combi plasma, heavy flamer, chainfist, idol of khorne, dedicated landraider transport-- 445 (lord goes here)
    (took champions and IoK to make them a buff bodyguard, pretty crazy on the charge and all that plasma or the heavy flamer can make any unit pay)

    6 Fallen (chosen)-- 3 melta guns, 1 powerfist, champion w/ powerfist, idol of khorne-- 228

    6 Fallen-- 2 plasma guns, 2 power weapons, champion with power weapon, idol of khorne-- 223
    (these boys, using their acquire stealthy skills, infiltrate and unit A is for anti tank while unit B is more suited for MEQ squashing)

    10 CSM-- 2 plasma guns, champ with fist, rhino-- 255

    10 CSM-- 2 plasma guns, champ with fist, rhino-- 255
    (generic really. ride up, pop smoke, stand on objectives. took lots of plasma to represent that dark angels feel. For all purposes these are not fallen, they just emulate them and/or are under the lord's command)

    Fast Attack:
    6 Fallen assault marines (raptors)-- 2 flamers, champ with powerfist, idol of khorne-- 200
    (a unit to whipe out ork/ guard squads really. They are fast, they can burn infantry or tangle with bigger targets with the powerfist, IoK is again for veteran status and ups the 6 man unit to more attacks).

    Heavy Support:
    (gotta love ordinance! taking these to draw fire from my rhinos as well as lay down some heavy fire while my army moves around, id be willing to replace one with a predator but should i?)

    Total-- 1996, bodies--43 vehicles--5

    List is pretty mobile, lacking in troops i know, but im hoping the list is a handful, taking pressure off of my troops. Only thing ill say is to not reccommend a change on the lord's weapons, i made the model and i love it lol so its no dice for anyreason.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I like it!
    (WH40K) Dark Eldar - (12,000pts) Sisters of Battle - (5000pts) Dark Angels -(3500pts) (WHFB) Dark Elves - (10,000pts) Beastmen - (5000pts) Empire - (3000pts) Wood Elves - (1500pts)

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    The only thing to really suggest, is removing the champion upgrades on the terminators 10 points extra for an extra attack i really dont find it worthwhile, also maybe adding melta guns instead of the plasma guns, i know your going for fluff but losing models that cost you 30 points each isnt fun.

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