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    1500 pts with renegade strike force

    Greetings Librarium. Last Christmas I managed to get myself a renegade strike force to start out my chaos army. It took some smooth argueing on my part to persuade my mother. Anyway, this is the list I've decided on to start with. Most of this I do have, or is coming, others are models that I don't have but want to get.

    I'm going with Alpha Legion and I'm looking to do a balanced list that can be both ranged and CC.

    HQ: Sorcerer: Wings, Winds of Chaos - 150 pts (Scratch built this guy out of spare marine bits and green stuff)

    FA: 7 x Raptors, Icon of Slaanesh, 2 x Flamer, Champ with Lightning Claws - 210 pts


    10 x Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 x Flamer, Champ with Power Fist, Rhino - 245 pts

    10 x Marines, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 x Melta, Champ with Power Fist, Rhino - 255 pts

    5 x Noise Marines, 4 x Sonic Blaster, Blastmaster - 160 pts

    5 x Noise Marines, 5 x Sonic Blaster - 125 pts

    8 x Berserkers, Champ with Power Fist - 208 pts

    Heavy Support:

    Vindicator, Demonic Possession - 145 pts

    Total Points: 1498 Pts

    The berserkers are on their way from a friend, and when I wrote this list, I only had access to 2 rhinos, but he might have a 3rd he could give me, so I could potentially get them a rhino if I took out the blastmaster. My plan was to get them in one of the marine rhinos, probably the flamer squad.

    I do also have the terminator lord and terminators from the strike force, all with combi-plasma. If I was going to use them, they're probably take the place of the raptors/sorcerer.

    Finally, my original idea was to use the landraider to transport the berserkers, but I've since realized that the landraider is way too expensive for use in 1500 pt games.

    So in conclusion:

    3rd Rhino, or zerkers in marine rhino?
    Raptors over Terminators?
    Work in Defiler?

    Last edited by Ran49; May 29th, 2009 at 23:51. Reason: Forgot to put in the total points of the list

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    This list needs more armored targets. I'd suggest trying to get a rhino and predator, and drop the slanneshi guys.

    If you really wanted to have fun, get another vindicator and a defiler. Drop those templates~
    Nurgle, the freshmaker.

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