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    1250 campaign list

    me and my friends play every sunday and we decided we wanna mix things up and start running a campaign. some of the rules are still being ironed out but we've settled on 1250 point lists with a planet capturing objective similar to Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. currently I'm about 100 points short and I'm debating adding 2 more thousand sons and 2 more plague marines or taking a greater daemon.

    the armies I'm going to see are necrons, space wolves, grey knights, tyranids, and eldar.

    Daemon Prince (MoT, Wings, Warp Time, Wind of Chaos) - 205

    Terminators x5 (MoN, Combi-Plasma x5) - 210

    Thousand Sons x8 (Sorc with Bolt of Change and Rhino) - 304
    Plague Marines x8 (Plague Champion, Power Fist, 2 Meltas, Rhino) - 279

    Heavy Support:
    Defiler with 2 CCW - 150

    The meltas are in prep for the space wolves player who goes tank heavy and will skimp out on troops so he can get a leman russ or vindicator or land raider. I imagine the gray knights player is going to do the same thing to get a land raider since he's convinced he has no anti-tank weaponry.

    the different games are gonna randomize between the different troop types so I definately wanted to plague marines for objective camping.

    any thoughts? what should I do with my missing 102 points? any changes recommended?

    Thanks all

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    HQ: Very expensive but rather good. Swapping Wind for Doombolt is also good as you fire it more often (because of better range) and it is considderably cheaper.

    Elites: They must have a chainfist in there in case an enemy dread locks them in combat. It also helps instant kill characters.

    Troops: Drop Bolt of Tzeentch. It is not that great an anti tank weapon and you have to turn off all that lovely AP3 bolter fire in order to use it. Take doombolt and possibly a meltabomb. PMs are great.

    Heavy: Fine.
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    HQ: I would actually replace with chaos lord just so you could have more points. However this is perfectly fine. The demon prince will do good with MoT, but why not MoN. This makes him even harder to wound and cheaper. Keep him with warptime. If you want to stay with Tzeentch don' think you have to use both your spell spots. It can be really expensive. If you must, then make the changes Mad Cat suggested.

    Elites: They must have a chainfist of course but I also find a power fist and at least one lightning claw helps. Gives you versatility in combat. Also I would switch to MoT. Though MoN is fine I think it would make more sense, fluff wise, not to have nurgle HQ (if you do change) and elites. Besides the 4+ invuln is much more nice on a term. Besides it only affects the sergeant so it isn't a big deal.

    Troops: I agree with everything Mad Cat said!

    Heavy: Yes great.

    EXTRA POINTS: I didn't bother doing the math because all the changes mentioned probably won't be made. Without dropping anything of course a troop choice was possible. With ll the more points dropped I am starting to think defiler but you need the bodies. You know your opponents and in this case, it is campaign, you can make your army list more specific. Do you need another battle cannon. I think no. I would grab some more plague marines and give them a rhino and plasma guns.

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