2000 pts Black Legion - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Junior Member Dionysus007281's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
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    2000 pts Black Legion

    Hi all, I'm still pretty new to 40k and i'm trying to put together a solid list for friendly games and perhaps a few tourney's.
    But before I run off and buy a lot of shiny new toys I'd like some advice please.

    This is what I've come up with so far:


    DP w. MoK, wings 140 pts

    Terminator Lord w. daemon weapon 145 pts


    5 Terminators + champ 245 pts
    5 pairs of LC, PF, heavy flamer


    10 CSM w. 2 PG 190 pts

    9 CSM + champ 270 pts
    IoCG, 2 meltaguns, PF
    Rhino w. extra armor

    8 berzerkers + champ 284 pts
    personal icon, PF
    Rhino w. extra armor


    8 havocs w. 2 LC, 2 ML 280 pts
    Rhino w. extra armor

    Defiler w. 2 DCCW, CCW, AC 150 pts

    Predator w. twin linked LC, 2 x LC sponsons, daemonic possession 185 pts


    Summoned greater daemon 100 pts

    Total 1999 pts

    So please advice, cause my money is burning a hole in my pocket, I WANNA BUY NEW STUFF

    I'll make you my bitch!

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    Senior Member Mad Cat's Avatar
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    HQ: I'm not that keen on MoK Princes. They are quite easy to kill. The MoS Lash prince is more tactically useful but I like MoN with wings & warptime. He is almost bolter proof and the rerolls from warptime more than make up for the extra attak you just lost.
    I would drop the other HQ. Immagine if you just spent the points on normal terminators, how many extra attacks you would get and they couldn't be instant killed.

    Elites: Don't like footslogging terminators with only one gun. Take 5 Combiplasma to give you a round of fantastic shooting ether on deepstriking to an icon or when marching. Spread out a few L/Claws and a CF for dread deterrance. Also take an Icon such as IoT for good saves.

    Troops: For a 2000 point list you need more. 4-5 squads really. Squad one needs IoCG or considder making them plague marines. Squad 2+3 should drop extra armour and considder a PW for the berserker champ to take advantage of furious charge.

    Heavy: Havocs are expensive and you are short of troops. Convert them to troops with 2 meltas etc. Defiler should get all CCW. If the battle cannon is shot off just fleet into combat. Your Pred is too expensive. Take one with AC+2LC and no other upgrades. You may free up enough points for another of these or a 5th troop choice.
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    Member hive fleet graphica's Avatar
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    Mad Cat, Terminators can't fire rapid fire weapons at max range if they move, only heavy weapons (Pg 86 of codex).

    Daemon princes really need warptime to be effective. Chaos lords generally aren't that good in this codex, consider taking Kharn if you want a powerful close combat character.

    Terminators work best if you deepstrike them. Give them 4 combi meltas and there's a good chance they can destroy a tank.

    The troops are good but I would give the first chaos space marine squad a rhino and you could add a small unit of lesser daemons to act as objective holders.

    The havocs don't need a rhino give it to the chaos space marine squad instead. Havocs aren't very effective, too expensive and they can't move and fire heavy weapons, obliterators are a better choice. The predator definatly doesn't need daemonic possession. With three lascannons the predator becomes very expensive, I think the autocannon and heavy bolters is the best way to run a predator.

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