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    2000 all comers mech list

    nurgle biker lord with demon weapon and meltabombs 185

    3x (10 csm, flamer, champ w/meltabombs, rhino 210 )

    10 csm, champw/meltabombs, rhino 205

    8 Noise marines, 8 sonic blasters, champw/doom siren, rhino 265

    Fast attack
    3 csm bikers MoN, meltagun, Champw/powerweapon 194

    5 raptors, 2 meltaguns 120

    Heavy support
    Chaos landraider 220

    Chaos predator, lascannon sponsons, tl lascannon turret, havoc launcher 180

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    HQ: He is ok but a bit vulnerable especially in a unit of only a few other bikes. Battlecannon will be deadly despite being T4(6). I suggest a daemon prince with MoN, wings and warptime. Slightly cheaper and harder to kill due to eternal warrior.

    Troops: Why spend 20 points on a champ with MBs when you could just buy a pair of meltas? Both CSM squads need 2 meltas or 2 flamers and a champ with PF and IoCG. The noise marines are great but they cost a fortune to fulfil 2 roles. Either drop the sonnics and keep the doomsiren to use them in close from a rhino or just take 8 with sonics and no champ or transport to be used as mid to long range fire support. I would take the latter option to free up a load of points for the first 2 squads.

    Fast: 3 Bikes isn't enough. If you went for the prince then drop these for another prince or another troop choice. 8 Berserkers in the LR could be fun. Raptors are ok but would do better in 6-8 strong with a champ and IoK or IoS.

    Heavy: LR is ok but who is going in it? If it is just for fire support then swap it for 2 preds. Your Pred is too expensive and the S5 havoc launcher is worthless against tanks which are the tripple las pred's primary target. Take the AC/2LC pred as a decent all rounder for reasonable cost.
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