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    trying to get back into the game 1500

    i havent played since way back in 3rd edition so a lot of stuff has changed and i need some help with my list. so is it true that we really cant use the daemons anymore? i mean besides the lame generic ones >_> w/e though i guess the greater daemon does look pretty awesome for the points
    is there a difference between giving a squad of csm an icon or taking berzerkers as elites?
    anyway heres my list, please tell me whats right/wrong with it

    - Kharn [165]
    - daemon prince [155] + MoS, wings, lash
    - greater daemon [100]
    - 9x csm [170] + rhino
    - 9x csm [170] + rhino
    - 9x csm [215] + IoK + 2 flamers + champ/fist
    - defiler [150]
    - land raider [240] + daemonic possesion (for kharn and his berzerkers)

    so do i have enough anti tank?
    i've got 135 points left if i want this to be a 1500,
    should i add 10 lesser daemons? or a vindicator? maybe upgrade the rhino csm to be more berzerky?
    im stuck and i just wanna be able to have a good all-comers type of list.
    what can i do to make sure i pwn tau? i hate those stuck up self righteous aliens even more than the empire so i want to make sure i mop the floor with every broadside they have.
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    Drop an HQ. Taking three and a LR is too much at this points level. The greater daemon in effect becomes 155 points as you kill a champion to get him on table. I would ditch the greater daemon I think.

    Your troops should be made up of 2 squads of 10 CSM with 2 meltas each and a PF champ .Give them IoK if you want to keep the flavour and put them in rhinos. The third squad could be 8-10 Berserkers with a PW champ.
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    3 HQs is probably too much at this points level, I would just stick with Kharn.

    You should make the chaos space marine squads 10 strong and give them 2 meltaguns each and an icon of choas glory. You mentioned that a Berserker squad goes in the land raider but I don't see this squad in the army list. A berserker squad with power fist champion would provide a good bodyguard for Kharn. A rhino would be better for this squad than a land raider

    You could do with adding some more anti tank to this army, I would suggest: multimelta dreadnoughts, deep striking terminators with combi meltas or obliterators.

    Chaos really struggle against tau until the get into close combat. I would suggest trying to overwhelm one side of their army so that you can get a few units into close combat with them.

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