I'm still new to Chaos Space Marines and am playing around with some ideas. I'd like to have a strong list that could face multiple opponents. But, I also like to try things that may be a little off the wall. So here's a list with 40 lesser daemons in it!

I'll lay it out how I'm thinking of using it:

Forward Assault:
Attack the enemy on one side or the other, or claim objectives in enemy territory.

Noise Marines (7) - Champion w/PW, Icon, & Doom Siren, (5) w/Sonic Blasters, (1) w/Blast Master
(hop into the LR and move out towards the enemy after deployment)

Land Raider - Daemonic Possession
(taken as dedicated transport for terminators just in case it would be useful to start the termies and sorcerer in the LR)

Center of the Board:
By taking the center these units can support the Forward Assault or the Rear Guard.

Winged Lash Prince

Defiler - Reaper Autocannon, Extra DCCW

Rear Guard:
Set an anchor on the opposite side of the board as the Forward Assault. Hold objective.

Noise Marines (5) - (1) w/Blast Master & personal icon.
Rhino - pintle TL bolter
(shoot pinning templates from the Rhino and/or teleport in daemons for support)

Lesser Daemons (20)

These units are plugged in where they make sense in the context of the battle.

Lesser Daemon (10)

Lesser Daemon (10)

Chaos Sorcerer
- Termi-armour, combi-plasma, Icon, Gift of Chaos
(I like the idea of creating at least on 40pt model from a 30pt power, and oh the havoc it will create!)
Chaos Terminators (4) - (3) w/combi-plasma, (1) w/PF & Hvy. Flamer

Chosen (5) - Icon of Khorne, (3) w/meltas, (2) w/pair of lightning claws
(will probably infiltrate this unit, unless it is Dawn of War then it will outflank.)

My main opponent plays a mostly tank outflanking Loyalist Dog army. Like I said, I'm still new to CSM and am basing this list off of what seems like it might be fun and effective. Hopefully I'll get to playtest this list this weekend.