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    5000pt Battle - FIELD EVERYTHING!

    Ok, hopefully this weekend (after a huge planet strike party at the local store) I will be playing a huge mega awesome pwnage 5000pt game with my friend. Because of the rediculously large points limit, this battle is basicaly a "Field everything you own" fest.
    Since my chaos list is only about 50% complete, 3000pts of my army will be necrons. However, my chaos list currently only totals 1500pts. I fall a bit short of the mark eh? Well I have something sick planned for those extra 500pts. Ready? Brace yourself...

    Prepare for it...

    Almost there...

    With the help of the 500pts, my list will feild a total of...

    OMFG 5 LASHES!!!

    Whilst you are trying to find your jaw from under the table, I will write my chaos portion of the list:

    Lash winged Prince
    4 termis with combi plasmas, w/ lash termi sorc with combi plasma
    dreadnought w/ plasma cannon and hvy flamer
    a tooled up csm squad with rhino
    another tooled up csm squad with rhino
    land raider
    and the 500pts were blown on: 3 lash termi sorcs

    Bear in mind, these are the models I have, and not the models i think would be best for the scenario. If anyone requests I will post my necron list too, but for now I just want to know your thoughts and such. Tactics welcome, bearing in mind that my necron list takes up so much space to deploy that most of my chaos list will be held in reserve.

    Were gonna film the battle and put the vid on you-tube (or try to anyway). Will post a link. If the battle doesnt make the tube I will write one with piccies here.

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    To hell with the Force Org chart huh? Good luck with it

    Just FYI... a video might be a bad idea. It would be WAY too long and boring. I would just take lots of pics, maybe make a map in MS Paint of something.

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