Ok guys, Haven't posted here in a good while...As my CSM's have been sitting on the shelf alot lately... Anyway I'm planning on doing the Ard Boy'z tourney this weekend and figured I'd get some last minute advice from my favorite WH40K forum....

List is 70 models, 2500pts exactly

Demon Prince, MoS,Lash,Wings
Demon Prince, MoN, Warp Time, Wings

3x 10 CSM, rhino, ACw/fist, 2x plasma
1x 10 CSM, rhino, ACw/fist, 2x melta
5x Noise Marines w/sonicblasters ( how would you feel about 2x 5 demons here instead?)


2x 5 chosen, 5 flamers
4 Terms, CG, Hflmr,Cfist,3 combi plas


3 Oblitierators
Land Raider