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    500 point tourney

    hello, my first post on LO.
    I have a 500 point tourney this weekend, and I'm bringing my deathguard.
    here's my list.

    HQ: Chaos lord (terminator armour, mark of nurgle, lightning claw)
    troop1: 5x Plague marines (2x melta guns)
    troop2: 5x Plague marines (2x melta guns, Rhino transport {rhino has a havoc launcher})

    total: 490.

    it's not a lot of troops, but between feel no pain and the rhino, I think they'll do okay.
    please, give me your thoughts and comments!

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    The termie lord will most likely get shot down very quickly if you plan to run him across the board. Even if you deep strike him, 1 man won't do too much damage and will probably die pretty early on. Also, a single lightning claw isn't really worth it - get a pair or get none at all, especially when they're the same points cost.

    If I were you, I'd drop the termie lord and instead buy a daemon prince with wings. If you still want it to tie in with the fluff of the army, go with a mark of nurgle. This will cost exactly the same as your lord but will be more effective. This can also deep strike and will do more damage on his own rolling 2D6 for armour pen and so on. You could also drop the Havoc launcher on your Rhino and buy your prince warptime with the leftover 10 points and the 15 from the havoc. This will give him even more power in close combat which is useful.

    Or, if you want your list to be more competitive and don't care about the fluff, get a mark of slaanesh and lash of submission. This build only costs 5 points more than your lord and the nurgle prince but will be better in tourneys. If you go with the prince you wont need those personal icons so that's where the extra 5 points for the lash prince comes from. With this build you can keep the Havoc launcher but in my opinion it isn't worth the points as most of the time the Rhino will be moving and will be unable to fire it. This leaves 20 points for you to spend (if you drop the havoc launcher).

    Another option is just a regular prince with wings. Then, if you drop the havoc launcher on the Rhino, you can buy a second Rhino for the other Plague Marine squad.

    If you like the lash idea but don't want a daemon prince you could always get a lash sorcerer. These are cheaper and can go with your PM squads. Also, if you just do a bare lash sorcerer you will have 35 points left to buy the second Rhino. Or, you could drop the havoc launcher and stick with 1 Rhino and buy another 2 plague marines. You could also turn one PM (preferably the one in the squad without the sorcerer) into a champ with a power fist for more anti tank should the meltas not manage to take any tanks down.

    I've tried to give you lots of options here for you to make your list how you would like to play it. But I definitely think you should change the chaos lord to a DP or a sorcerer and that you should drop the havoc launcher.

    I hope this helps and good luck with the tourney!
    Last edited by SomePerson; July 21st, 2009 at 13:06. Reason: Bad grammar.
    "a great man should die as a shattered jewel rather than live as an intact tile."

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