Heres my list still have some points i can use, so i have the noise marines, dread, daemon prince painted and assembled. the Defiler is still in the box, everything else im still planning to buy slowly. Just a question for the Termys, what exactly does the Termy boxed set come with. I mean what weapons how many combi and power fists, does it come with any lighting claws, i justt need to know so i can plan them a little different because i dont want to buy anything extra for that unit since its already 60 bucks (canadian) lol,

Army List
Daemon Prince with Wings MOS and Lash = 155
Noise Marines X 8 with 1 Blast Master, 6 Sonic Blaster and 1 Champion = 230
Khorne Zerkers X 10 with Champion with Power Weapon and Rhino = 275
Chaos Space Marine X 10 with Champ with Power Fist, Rhino and Flamer = 220
Chaos Dreadnought with Twin Linked Heavy Bolter and Heavy Flamer = 110
Chaos Terminators X 5 With Champion with Chain fist, 5 combi weapons and Land Raider = 420
Heavy Support
Chaos Defiler = 150
Obliterator = 75
Obliterator = 75
Total 1710