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    1000pt nurgle and slaanesh list, advice needed

    Hi guys, just wondering if this list is viable in normal games, or if its sucks. Comments would be appreciated since im relatively new to chaos daemons so i have little experiance of my own.

    The masque

    herald of slaanesh, unholy might, transfixing gaze-65

    2 fiends, unholy might-70

    10 daemonettes, instument-145

    10 daemonettes, chaos icon, instrument-170

    10 plaguebearers, chaos icon, instrument-180

    4 nurglings

    daemon prince, iron hide, daemonic gaze-130

    Im quite pleazed with the list, but im a bit worried about how im going to deal with tanks, and if i have enough hard hitters in the list. Ive also got 88 points left over and im wondering what to do with them, any ideas. Also, to add more hitty things, should i maybe add some khorne units for some 'oomph'.


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    I would recommend putting breath of chaos on the daemon prince, auto glance on a 4 plus and auto wound on a 4 plus no cover or armor allowed so its good for more than just tank killers, the problem with it is it only glances and its a template. you would be putting all your cards on one character that doesnt have the best stats and can be instant killed by a str 10 weapon i do believe, correct me if im wrong because i dont have the codex in front of me. you could put a bloodthirster in as well and put unholy might on it so it has str 8 on it and str 9 on the charge. of course youd probably have to remove the masque and the hearld, i do believe youd have enough points. i would also recommend putting the icons on the plague bearers and try to get them in first because ive survived with only 2 units of 5 plaguebearers with icons getting shot by a 1000 pt imp guard and 1000 pt eldar list put together with fortune and such. you get a 5+ invuln and a 4 + feel no pain after that wich is beastly. that way you can summon all your daemons in front of their army and place the daemonettes behind the plague bearers so they get the 4+ coversave and then charge em in next turn. i would also recommend putting more fiends in and getting rid of some daemonettes because fiends are beasts in close combat and rend as well. if you wanted to you could put in a unit of bloodcrushers instead of fiends and some daemonettes because they all have a 3 plus armor and 2 wounds and are really beastly with like 4 attacks on the charge and str 6 and initiative 5 or 6 thats only if u wanted to put some khorne in there. the nurglings are good for soaking up shots and thats it so i dont know what to tell you about them or how to use them, idk if they give cover saves or not, you know what i mean?
    well, good luck

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