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    1500 CSM Need some quick feedback

    Hey guys, I am setup little campagin with some friends and all games we are playing is going to be fixed list games (only one list for all battles). We are 5 players and the others are play, Tau, Necrons, Imperial Guard and Orks.
    Now I really need your help with my army list. It is look is this so far.

    Daemon Prince with Wings; Doombolt; Mark of Slaanesh
    I took the Daemon Prince with wings for quicker CC, the doom bolt is there for any rounds he can't get in to CC.

    Chaos Terminator Lord with Lightning Claws (pair); Fearless; Mark of Khorne
    The Lord goes with the terminators and are deep striking behind enemy tanks or vital units to take them down before they can do too much damage.
    4 Terminators Chain Fist (1); Combi-melta (x3); Heavy Flamer (x1)

    Dreadnought with Dreadnought CCW; Heavy Flamer; Multi-Melta
    Well I know it isn't the best choice, but I like it and if I am lucky it will do some damage with the multi-melta or in CC.

    8 Chaos Space Marines with Meltagun ;Chaos Glory and a Rhino
    One of the 8 is upgrade to Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
    This guys are here to take any enemy inf. down and with a powerfist they aren't too friendly with light tanks or transports.

    8 Chaos Space Marines with Meltagun ;Chaos Glory and a Rhino
    One of the 8 is upgrade to Aspiring Champion with Power Fist

    8 Raptors with Flamer (x2); Chaos Glory
    One of the 8 is upgrade to Aspiring Champion with Power Fist and Melta Bombs
    Fast attack unit took them for Tau suit and fast units or soft vehicles.
    2 Obliterators

    Defiler with Reaper Autocannon and Twin Linked Heavy Flamer
    Well like to have to have some ordnance and the high str. and low ap will really be nice against necrons.

    Total Roster Cost: 1500

    As you see I really need help with my list. Thx for any help you can offer.

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    HQ: Take a lash prince with wings. For the points they have so many tactical uses. If you don't want lash then considder MoN with doombolt or warptime to help him remain bolterproof. The Lord can be dropped. If you take an extra 2 termies with L-Claws they will have more effect for less points.

    Elites: Good. Adding IoK or IoS would also make up for dropping the Lord. Dread are unreliable but I still use one (plasma cannon) so why not.

    Troops: Only 2 troop choices is a little light. Make them both 10 man squad with 2 special weapons each.

    Fast: OK but swapping them for another mech troop choice would help in objective games and the rhino would partly make up for the loss of speed.

    Heavy: Oblits are good. The defiler should take 2xCCW and just fleet into combat if the battlecannon is shot off.
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