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    1750pts Competitive Daemons (Feedback Please)

    My daemon army is half way to completion and I値l be visiting a mate next month which will be several games of 1750pts where I値l be using this army for the first time, since I started this army has had some changes and I壇 like to see what other players think? Also I壇 like to know if the Icons are really necessary cause if not I can use the points to bolster the Nurglings & Screamers.

    320 Lord Of Change:
    We Are Legion and Breath Of Chaos
    (An devastating unit to be leading the charge, from arrival I feel he値l be worth his pts cost)

    110 Herald Of Tzeentch:
    Chariot & Bolt Of Tzeentch, We Are Legion and Mastery Of Sorcery.
    110 Herald Of Tzeentch: Chariot & Bolt Of Tzeentch, We Are Legion and Mastery Of Sorcery.
    (Two fast moving and durable units to provide support where needed)

    105 3 Flamers Of Tzeentch
    105 3 Flamers Of Tzeentch

    (No explanation for these guys being in the list)

    161 8 Horrors:
    Chaos Icon
    161 8 Horrors: Chaos Icon
    141 7 Horrors: Changeling
    (A solid firebase, however I doubt on wheather or not the icons are needed in this list?)

    120 8 Plaguebearers
    39 3 Nurgling Swarms

    (I decided to go with some Plaguebearers because they make great objective takers something I doubt my Horrors can do if an enemy unit is protecting it, the nurglings are in to slow down enemy assault units moving towards the horrors)

    48 3 Screamers

    (Deep strike out of sight then go flat out towards the nearest immobile support tank, if no enemy vehicles wait and contest an objective on turn 5)

    160 - Daemon Prince:
    Unholy Might, Bolt and Mark Of Tzeentch.
    160 - Daemon Prince: Unholy Might, Bolt and Mark Of Tzeentch.
    (Heavy assault units something my army needs)

    Total Pts: 1740
    Total No: 46 (3)
    Total Kill Pts: 13

    1st Wave:
    Lord Of Change, 3 Flamers, 8 Horrors with Icon, 7 Horrors with Changeling, Herald, 3 Screamers and Deamon Prince.

    2nd Wave:
    Plaguebearers, 3 Flamers, 8 Horrors with Icon, Nurglings, Herald and Deamon Prince.

    Well what do you think, any problems?

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    This is for the haters... CrownAxe's Avatar
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    I don't understand why you your list always has wrong math and points left over to spend

    7 Horrors +changling is 124 pts, not 141. 141 is how much 8 Horrors +changling is.

    And you have 10 points left over. Why didn't you use those points? Buy Instryments of Chaos and put them on something, do what ever. Its just incredible stupid not to spend points when you have them.

    Other then that, put one of those Icon in the plague bearer units instead (they were essentially designed to hold it) and the Nurglings will probably not do anything, Screamers even more so but i'll let you figure that one out for your self)

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    LoC is unimpressive as a fire support unit, he just doesn't put out the shots necessary to be a serious shooty unit. You may as well run Fateweaver.

    Tzeralds are nice.

    Fiends > Flamers, too fragile and one-shot wonders.

    Horrors are ok, PBs are solid objective grabbers, Nurglings are good tarpits.

    Screamers are meh, mobile armor is too difficult to kill and if they aren't moving you've got MCs and Fiends.

    DPs are good, though I prefer gaze for a little extra dakka. Keep 'em shooty.
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    Herald of Chaos Tyrius's Avatar
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    My question is this. Why do you keep posting your same army list? You will get the same feedback every time. Your conversions are good. Just listen the first of at least 10 times you have posted this same army with same units but different upgrades.

    LoC is crap compared to fateweaver
    Horrors=crap they cant hold an objective like you need troops to do. One unit with changeling is okay.
    Nurglings=crap without epidemius they don't add anything but a tarpit and you will beat most infantry in CC anyway if you had fiends.
    Screamers- only useful to take down non mobile vehicles or contest objectives and they also give you a cheap 48 point unit to bulk up your first wave.

    Giving your DPs mark of T you might as well give them 2 shooting attacks or 3. Overall there is so much wrong with this list to make it competitive would be to take it apart part by part which has been done everytime you post the same units.

    So basically if you wanna run it as is do so, and don't bother posting it up here and then not following the advice you are given each time and just go with what you want. I would suggest playing the list as is and then decide to listen to people who have played daemons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrownAxe View Post
    I don't understand why you your list always has wrong math and points left over to spend

    7 Horrors +changling is 124 pts, not 141. 141 is how much 8 Horrors +changling is.
    7 horrors+changling (8 total models) is 141. since the other squads are 8 guys, I assume that is what he meant there. Counting changling as a model, which it is, kinda makes some sense. though I agreed it could have been clearer

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