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    Tactics vs the loyalists?

    I've got a 2500 pt game tomorrow with a buddy of mine and it's been a little while since I've broken out the good ol' traitors. I run a Tzeench/Khorn black legion army mostly because I think Slaanesh and Nurgle (while very strong) are overused. I'm not sure what exactly he's going to bring but I know there's going to be 2 Land raiders full of assault termies, a vindicator, some land speeders and a couple tac squads in some rhinos. Not sure what else will be thrown down but that's just what I know for sure.

    I don't like to build lists that I can only use against certain opponents so I tried to come up with something well rounded especially since he may decide to bust out his orks on me instead of SM. As 5th has become a very mechanized edition I've been considering doing some deepstriking with termies/oblits. How does that fare considering the random chance of them not coming in when needed? I'm not worried about scatter because of the amount of icons I carry into battle.

    I read through a discussion on SM tactical squads perhaps being brought down to 5 man squads and filling up on razorbacks/rhinos to save on the points spent on the squads and make room for larger more hard hitting things. Would that be advisable in this situation? I could add a squad of shoot terminators instead of my dread and drop my CSM squad down to 5 while they sit pretty in a LR for safety.

    I'm worried about the volume of shots that's going to be directed at my LR though so it may not exactly be the safest place for my holding squad.

    This list was made with the models I have available, and though I wish I had a larger variety of things to play with I'm just trying to make what I have work. I need another Rhino or 2 probably as well as some more berserkers, but I've got plenty of extra 1k sons and some more termies set aside as well as another dreadnaught (FW Tzeench one with T/L Las cannon, love the way it looks)

    Daemon Prince - MoT, Gift of Chaos, wings [175]
    (this is my character hunter, plus I've got a sweet conversion for a MoT prince )

    CSM x10 - Melta gun x2, IoCG, Champ w/ Power weapon and melta bombs [210]
    (this squad will usually sit in the LR to make a large protected scoring unit)

    Berserkers x8 - Rhino w/ combi-melta, Champ w/ Power Fist and personal icon [258]
    (this is where the mesh of Tzeench and Khorn starts, it's a Black Legion army and I like the mix personally and these guys are just badass in CC)

    1k sons x9 - Sorc w/ bolt personal icon, Rhino w/ combi-melta [342]
    (anti meq with some AT and a transport, love these guys!)

    Lesser Daemons x12 - [156]
    (another good support unit that can take objectives w/ deepstriking off of one of my many icons)

    Chosen x10 - Melta x2, flamer x2, Champion w/ Power fist, IoCG
    (multi-purpose unit that can outlfank if I have to, would perfer to infiltrate them but I don't have a rhino to give them so they're stuck as is really)

    Terminators x5 - LR dedicated transport w/ possession, Chainfist, heavy flamer, Lightning Claws x2, Combi-melta x2, IoK [470]
    (I think this unit is cheap enough that I can stand to lose it and it gives me a lovely little LR to field even if I want to deepstrike the termies themselves)

    Dreadnaught - Extra CCW, Heavy Flamer [105]
    (run run, SMASH! need I really elaborate?)

    Heavy Support:
    Obliterators x3 - [225]
    (awesome of awesome heavy support choices in almost any book, yes I'll take 3)

    Defiler - CCW, Auto Cannon [150]
    (strong in a lot of ways, can help take out medium armor if the battle cannon would need to be shot close to my own troops i can just use the auto instead, also strong in CC)

    Defiler - CCW, Auto Cannon [150]

    He seems to prefer mech lists so I have a feeling that's what I'll be up against but not LR spam or any particular kind of spam you can do with SM. How do you guys think this list will fare and do you have any tactical advise/small changes for when I field it?

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    It just so happens i am converting to chaos from loyalists. The vindicator although powerful isn't really that much of a threat nor is the rhinos because they can both be destroyed fairly easily. I would suggest dropping the regular CSM for either more beserkers or more sons, and giving your prince lash. Now your biggest problem is gonna be his termies and land speeders espescially if he deep strikes them. Now first turn if he keeps his speeders in reserve target his rhinos because its very hard to kill LR's with lascannons. Then once some of his rhinos are gone you can lash one of his squads foreward and then assault with your khorne men. Shoot at his speeders as soon as possible because they are probably only get one good turn of shooting but that one turn is gonna hurt.

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