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    Khorne/Nurgle Army 1K and 1.5K

    My plan for a Chaos Space Marine army, please comment on the 1k list seperate to the 1.5k list.
    Deamon Prince: Wings, Mark of Nurgle, Nurgle's Rot (Total:165

    10 Khorne Berserkers: Champion w Power Fist, Rhino D Transport w Demonic Posession, Havoc Launcher (Total:320

    7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasma Guns, Champion w Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon, Melta-Grenades (Total:226

    6 Chaos Bikers: Icon of Nurgle, 2 Melta-Guns, Champion w Melta-Grenades (Total:288

    Army Total: 999pts

    5 Chaos Terminators: Icon of Khorn, 5 Champions, 5 Pairs of Power Claws (Total: 280

    Chaos Land Raider (Total 220

    Army Total: 1499

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    Hmm, where to begin...

    HQ - I would recommend dropping nurgle's rot, your call but it really is the weakest of the sorcerous powers. I would instead recommend Warptime.

    Troops - Your berzerker unit is wildly expensive for what it does. Drop the havoc launcher (make your transport as bare minimum as possible to keep them cheap, the havoc launcher isnt worth it anyway).

    Plague marines - Mostly ok, but you might consider going with a regular PF, your plague marines probably won't be assaulting (they are better suited for taking assaults after rapid firing. Not a wrong decision either way, but it depends on how you play.

    6 Bikers - Most people think of these guys as a suicide unit and I foresee them dying and leaving you with your DP as your only anti-vehicle in a 40k edition where vehicles are very prevalent. Maybe drop this unit to 3 or swap to raptors to keep em cheaper but doing the same job.I would recommend somehow squeezing in a squad of havocs with autocannons, or chosen with flamers, meltas, or plasma.

    Also, your army is kinda fighting itself on theme. On the one hand the plague marines want to slowly advance with plasma firing waiting to be charged and taking hits for the other parts of your army. The berzerkers and the bikers and winged DP wants to all charge ahead as fast as they can, so I feel like your plague marines are a bit out of place in this list.

    More troops wouldnt hurt either, instead of havocs you might take a squad of regular csms (or more berzerkers if you can squeeze the points). Even regular csms are a strong fighting force in close combat or ranged, dont underestimate them and try to get all special troopers. At such a low point cost you will be crippling yourself.
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    I agree with a lot of paregoric_HAL's comments.

    Mark of Nurgle isn't anything special. Nurgle prince's are just fine, he would probably do better with warptime or doombolt.

    Again, take those upgrades off your rhino. While you're at it, maybe take out a berserker or 2 to free up some other points.

    The plague marines are mostly ok. They may want a rhino to get to objectives better, and a powerfist could really help out in case they get assaulted by a walker or MC.

    I think the bikers could be useful, but I don't like bikers in squads that big. Personally I like 4 bikers max. If you want, 3 bikers with mark of nurgle, 2 meltas, and a champion with melta bombs is 189 pts.

    With leftover points you can do a couple things. You can try to do a second squad of bikers, or a vehicle of some kind like a predator, vindicator, or defiler. You could also do another small unit of plague marines. More troops is always more better.

    For your 1500 version I can't get behind landraiders in lists smaller than 2000. An army with lots of cult troops already suffers from not having a lot of models on the board, and the landraider eats up a huge amount of points. You can do the terminators, though try to trim their points down a little. Champion isn't really necessary, and 5 is a little high.

    Throw in more bodies. Try to get some regular CSM into the mix. Chaos has the best troops, make sure to get a lot of use out of them.

    Finally, for 1500, some long range anti-vehicle would be nice. Something like predators or obliterators.

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