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    2000 khorne themed

    i made this army with the idea to make a pure khorne army that would be mostly competative while sticking to being purely khorne.

    lord: terminator armour, lightning claws, mark of khorne 140

    terminators (: 6 combi-plasmas, 2 combi-meltas, mark of khorne, 360
    2 champions, 2 chainfists(both on champions)

    berzerkers (10 ): skull champion, power fist, personal icon 255

    berzerkers (10 ): skull champion, power fist, personal icon 255

    berzerkers (10 ): skull champion, power fist, personal icon 255

    heavy support:
    land raider: demonic possesion, dozer blade 245

    land raider: demonic possesion, dozer blade 245

    land raider: demonic possesion, dozer blade 245

    total: 2000

    the plan is to have the berzerkers ride the land raiders. then have lord with the termies deepstrike in using the icons of the berzerkers. and hopefully with the amount of plasma coming out of the termies when they first drop, they will really hack down any squad close to them freeing them up to shoot/assault something else the next turn.

    Never give up. Never give up. HIT, HIT, HIT, HIT!

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    Three Land Raiders is truly a nasty surprise for your opponent, but I think that at the 2,000 point range, you're going to run into two serious problems:

    - Lack of boots on the ground, and

    - Trying to take down vehicles.

    While it is true that your Land Raiders have Lascannons; they're also trying to get the berzerkers across the field as quickly as possible (and thus, either won't be able to shoot at all, or if you go slowly only be able to shoot once each). Your other anti-vehicle component is the meltaguns in the termi squad. However, the problem with relying on them as a significant portion of your anti-tank is that they don't arrive until later in the game (and can't chase tanks down). The chainfists are a last resort, and the points could probably be used better elsewhere.

    If I might suggest this to better round out the list:

    First, drop the Daemonic Possession and Dozer Blades on all three land raiders. Then drop the two champion terminators, and change the berzerker champs from having PFs to PWs (while I love power fists, we need to open more points for anti-tank, and the power weapons will take advantage of the berzerker's higher initiative). Lastly, instead of taking all three Land Raiders as heavy choices, take one of them as a dedicated transport for the terminators. The only difference is that you'll have to start that squad of zerkers outside the Land Raider on turn 1, but you won't lose any moving distance.

    Once you've done those things, you have opened up 1 heavy choice and exactly enough points for a squad of 3 Oblits. Those should pack a nice punch against any irritating tanks.
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