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    1850 mixed chaos army

    Sons of pestilence 1850 death guard
    Demon prince of slennesh , wings, lash 155


    9 korn berserkers(skull champion,pf) Rhino( smoke, searchlight, 2 twin linked bolters ) 268

    8 plague marines: Champion( pf,combi flame); 2x flamer( Rhino, search
    light, smoke, combi flamer) 289

    8 plague marines: champion( PF,combi-flame); flamersx2( rhino, searchlight, smoke, combi flamer) 289

    8 plague marines: Champion( pf,combi -flame); melta x2(Rhino, smoke, searchlight) 289

    Dreadnought missile launcher 100
    Dreadnought missile launcher 100

    Predator, auto, lass sponsins 130
    Predator ,auto, lass sponsins 130
    Predator , Auto, heavy bolters 100
    Pts 1850
    ive been trying new stuff out, and i have come apon the 4 flamer squad... the combi flamers seem to work well with the 2 flamers the PM use. Dropping 4 flamer templets plus shooting bolters has layed enough wounds to drop a terminator squad, and many space marines. i played a ork army and decimated two squads. what do you think and any sugestions on the army?

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    First of all I think Demon Pricnes are HQs. :]

    Demon prince is fine.

    Add a PF to the Skull Champion for MCs and Vehicles.

    I wouldn't advice extra guns on Rhinos, a Rhino is very easy to kill. If they get your Marines where they need to go in one piece, that's already a huge success.

    I'd swap one squads Flamers for Meltas. You're a bit light on heavy anti-armor.

    Drop the Dreadnoughts. They have a nasty habit of failing at the worst time and AV12 is very easy to wreck, especially at walker speed.

    The Autocannon/HB Predator seems to be the way to go. It's great against hordes and light armor. They both have to sit still to be at maximum usefulness, if you want Lascannons invest in some Obliterators. They're more flexible and probably one of CSM best units.
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