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    Iron warriors 2000pts fluff based

    I thought about doing an iron warriors army for a while. I already have black legion, and w.i.p word bearers army. I always like to try something new every so often.

    It 2000pts to give me the chance to swap about abit at smaller games. Though I feel its missing something, but I cant pin it down.

    I realise it doesnt include any dreads, but the thought of them taking out parts of my army put me off slightly especially if i had more than one in the army. (Though i would like to get one to paint in the iron warriors scheme)

    Thank you for any help you can provide!!!

    Iron Warriors 2000pts

    Chaos Lord-Terminator Armour, Lighting Claws

    4 *Chaos Terminators- Heavy Flamer, 3 Combi Melta, Icon Chaos Glory
    Land Raider (Ride for Lord as well)

    4 *Chaos Terminators- 4 Combi plasma, Icon Chaos Glory,
    10* Chaos Space Marines- Aspiring Champ, Powerfist, Plasma Pistol, Meltagun, Flamer

    10* Chaos Space Marines- Aspiring Champ, Powerfist, Plasma Pistol, Meltagun, Flamer

    10* Chaos Space Marines- Plasma gun, Lascannon

    10* Khorne Berserkers- Aspiring Champ, Powerfist

    Heavy Support
    Vindicator-Havoc Launcher

    Predator- Lascannon Side sponsons


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    Okay here's my idea. Run a DP over the Lord, a DP outperforms him every time and forces Lascannons to choose him or your Land Raider. You can run him naked with Warptime or Warptime and MoN, his bodies iron so he's obviously T6. :p

    Ride your Berzerkers in the Raider, DS all the Termies. Drop the Flamers for more Combi-Plasma/Melta respectively. Run an Icon in every squad so they become flexible fire support Termies. Drop the Icons off themselves.

    Run double Melta or double Plasma in CSM, I go Melta. It hurts MCs and wrecks armor and won't explode on your trooper. No Plasma Pistol on the Sarge, complete waste.

    Drop the Predator, it's the worst tank Marines have. Run a 2nd Vindicator, you need two because one is easy to wreck. Drop the Havoc Launcher for Demon Possession, your BS isn't much use but being able to always fire unless badly damaged is.

    Oblits are fine, run 3 if you have spare points.
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