Heya this is an army i've been using recently mostly in friendly games but ive been thinking of playing in tourneys with it and was just wondering what you guys thought.

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Daemon Prince 140pts

Summoned Greater Daemon 100pts


Terminator Squad 255pts
6 Terminators : 2 Power firsts ,
Reaper Autocannon , ICG

5 Chaos Marines 75pts

10 Chaos Marines 230pts
2 Plasma Guns , ICG
Aspiring Champion Ugrade
Power fist

9 Khorne Bezkerkers 269pts
Icon, Skull champ ugrade
Power fist, Rhino

Heavy Support

Chaos predator 130pts
Lascannon Side sponsors

2 Obliterators 150pts

Chaos Defiler 150pts
Extra Close combat arm

Total : 1499 pts

Pretty much the way i see it is i can make a decent impact in close combat while having alot of shooting behind it aswell