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    1850 All Gods List

    I start off with the prince, the bloodcrushers, the plague guys, a squad of bloodletters, and a soul grinder. The plagues pick a spot on the table and claim it, providing a solid icon platform for safe deep striking. The bloodletters pick a spot just out of range of my opponents shootiest parts. the bloodthirster plops down somewhere uncomfortably close to my opponents biggest gun, the daemon prince plots down somewhere that he can hit an exposed side armor or transport, and the soulgrinder finds somewhere that has line of sight to a unit of footsloggers.

    The rest of the army comes in to replace casualties, contest objectives, kill poeple, and generally wreck stuff as declared by the reserve rolls.

    Bloodthirster 270 - Because he is too good not to use
    Unholy Might - i like to overkill characters without charging

    Keeper of Secrets 210 - Best monstrous creature in our codex. I will explain why.
    Transfixing gaze (i had a few floating points)

    5 Bloodcrushers 200 - Best unit in our codex

    15 bloodletters 265 - Takes people off of objectives

    15 bloodletters 265

    7 plague bearers - Claims an objective

    Heavy support
    Daemon prince 190 - Shoots stuff, fights people
    Mark of tzeentch
    bolt of change
    daemonic gaze
    iron hide

    Soulgrinder 160 - softens targets, draws fire, eats people

    Soulgrinder 160

    As for the keeper of secrets being awesome, it is super cheap, fleet, and has BULL@*&% attacks. When it hits a unit, that units takes a horrendous number of accurate S6 attacks. Then the keeper is tough as nails with a good save. he will likely win that combat, and win it hard enough for your unit to break. If you do, you need to be initiative 5 to even THINK about getting away. The keeper ruins days with sweeping advances, which are still the best answer to large units of anything that inst fearless or a space marine. The keeper of secrets is our anti-horde, and I would rather have it hitting my opponent's basic troops than my bloodthirster any day. He is for terminators and HQs, which people always group together

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    Keeper is indeed great, but you left off its most important upgrade: Musk. H&R keeps this sucker moving at crazy speeds all over the battlefield.

    Bloodcrushers <<<< Fiends. BCs move like infantry, have no answer to armor (1 Dread locks the whole unit up), and you have to deploy 5 MC bases safely. Fiends, on the other hand, are cheaper, faster, easier to maneuver and deploy, dish out more attacks, and give Daemon armies something they normally struggle with: cheap, speedy armor destroyers. Take moar Fiends is ==My== advice to any Daemon player.

    Icons aren't good. You pay a bunch of points so your first wave can still scatter. If it worked on the initial drop I might see a use, but they are just points filler.

    Bloodletters work out better than Crushers. BCs are simply too pricey and take up a Fiend slot, while Bletters are a perfect follow up unit. Once the Fiends have crippled something and bounce away to get somebody else, the Bletters show up and murder them. Anything Fiends can't take down, Bletters will.

    Prince is fine, just remember his primary job is to pop tanks since nothing else you have can.

    Grinders are nice too, but don't forget they are assault units primarily. Pie plates are nice, but without the ordnance rules and the way cover is, it's not as effective as just stomping on people.
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    Drop 1 or 2 icons. Take 3 soul grinders and put pavine on the keeper of secrets. Use pavine to (in effect) give fleet to the bloodletters and to drag targets out of cover so the I5 power weapons can do their stuff.

    Points left over could get some fiends or drop a crusher to take 3 flamers.
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