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    2000 pt army list

    ive been playin 40k since 4th edition came out and i now play chaos and this is the list im building any comments would be welcome

    Abbadon (in termi unit) 275

    Daemon Prince wings mark of khorne 140 pts

    6 terminators 2 champions 2 chainfists pair of lightning claws 3 combi wpns hvy flamer mark of khorne

    10 man csm sqd champion twin linked bolter, hvy bolter melta gun tzeentch 230 pts

    10 man sqd champion power weapon plasma pistol, 2 plasma guns 225 pts

    10 man sqd champion power wpn plasma pistol 2 meltas rhino 250

    10 man sqd champion power fist, 2 flamers rhino 235 pts

    Hvy support

    3 obliterators 225

    vindicator 125

    2000 exactly
    also it says chaos marines have a bolt pistol/ close combat wpn does that mean in combat they get an extra attack even f they are modelled to have a bolter?

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    Yes CSMs can use the bolter for shooting and the pistol/CCW in combat.

    HQ: Prince is ok. A Lash prince or nurgle waptime prince are better. Abadon is a huge point sink. Powerful but a little slow on foot and easy to avoid. You could buy another whole unit of termies for his cost an they would be more resillient, better at shooting and probably better at combat overall.

    Elites: OK. Take all combiplasma and a single HF. Then take 1-2 CF and the rest PW or single L-claw. IoK is fun. The reason to take all combiweapons is that the termie shooting is actually the main offensive threat they have. Using 10 plasma shots and a HF will shred a unit when you deepstrike, then next turn you can move towards and enemy and fire bolters then charge. You need some icons in the mechanised troop choices to teleport from.

    Troops: Dont put HB in squads as it hampers the movement and a meltagun is hardly a complimentry wrapon range wise. Plasma would be better for fire support but if you want ranged fire support from troops take 6-8 noise marines with sonic blasters. If you want a champion take one for the PW or PF. They are too expensive for just a combibolter.
    Squads 2-4 should drop plasma pistols and take IoCG to make them almost fearless and give the termies a mobile teleport homer.

    Heavy: Good.
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