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Thread: My 1500pt list.

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    My 1500pt list.

    Hi, I am relatively new to chaos so I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me what you think of my list.

    Daemon Prince-wings, warptime, MoN-175pts

    5 Terminators-Reaper autocannon,4 combi-weapons, 4 lightning claws, MoS-250pts

    10 CSM-Aspiring champ, powerfist, slaanesh icon, 2 meltaguns, rhino-265pts
    7 plague marines-Champ, powerfist, personal icon, 2 plasma guns, rhino-271pts
    8 berzerkers-Champ, power weapon, rhino-233pts
    10 summoned daemons-130pts

    Heavy Support-150pts
    1 obliterator-75pts
    1 obliterator-75pts


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    With that many points you can major upgrade your list. First off drop the HB and add 2 meltas to your CSM squad. Then add a powerfist and another plasma to your Plague marine squad. and on the KB squad drop the PP and add a powerfist. With any extra points give your Daemon Prince a mark of nurgle. Also you may want to add a chainfist to your terminator squad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knight of Chaos View Post
    Daemon Prince-wings, warptime-155pts

    DPs with Warptime are cool guys. I'd try to work a Mark in, Nurgle and Tzeentech work so well with Warptime by adding survivability.

    5 Terminators-4 lightning claws, mark of slaanesh-215pts

    Not such a hot unit as you have them. These guys are walking or DSing, both bad options for expensive assault models. Consider switching them to a gun unit. Give them Combi-Weapons, DS them every game in conjunction with an Icon and than wade them into CC after they popped a tank or flamed a unit. Very handy.

    10 Chaos Space Marines-Aspiring champ, power fist, slaanesh icon, Heavy bolter-220pts

    Never walk Chaos Marines. These guys need a Rhino to do their job, which is close range fire support and objective capturing. I'd drop the Slaanesh Icon and just use an Undivided one. Consider dropping the HB for 2 Meltas or 2 Plasma, there are better ways to run heavy weapons.

    7 plague marines-Champ, personal icon, 1 plasma gun-196pts

    Add another gun and a Fist. They also need a Rhino as mentioned above.

    9 noise marines-champ, doom siren, personal icon, blastmaster-255pts

    Noise Marines are crap in the new Chaos Codex. Look how expensive this unit is and it doesn't even have a Rhino. A unit of Havocs would cost less and put out the same meaningful amount of firepower. Cut them.

    8 berzerkers-Champ, plasma pistol-198pts

    Drop the Pistol for a Powerfist. They to need a Rhino, worse than the other units because they need to close ground all the way to assault. All plasma pistols do are things you do better in assault.

    Heavy Support-150pts
    2 Obliterators-150pts

    I'd split these into 2 squads of 1 so you can fire at different things.
    I'd drop those Slaanesh Marines, take the Rhinos and other upgrades and than get some Lesser Demons. If you have the Icons for the Termies, give them another purpose. Lesser Demons are the most under-rated unit in the Codex and will surprise people. Hope that helps. Welcome to LO as well.
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