Hi this is a list i created for friendly games. i use some custom characters.
Give critic and some advice ^^. some may argue that this is not a fluffy army, but whit the back ground of my traitor chapter this is fluffy for it.

Shraider Bloodheart: 270 pts

Nurgle Sorcer: 170 pts
MoN, Familiar, Nurgle's rot, Gift of chaos

Dreadnaught: 105 pts

Khorne Berzerkers: 248 pts
8x marines, Skull Champion, Plasma pistol, Power weapon, rhino.

Chaos space marines: 275 pts
9x marines, MoN, Aspring champion, PW, PP, Melta gun, Rhino.

Chaos space marines: 150 pts
5x marines, MoS, Aspring champion, PF, PP.

Chaos space marines: 125 pts
5x Marines, MoS, Apsring champion, PW.

Heavy support:
Defiler: 150 pts
2x close combat weapons.

Crowdbreaker vindicator: 150 pts.

Tottal: 1785

Rules for the Crowdbreaker vindi and Shraider can be found here.http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ls-squads.html