Angels of Baal

HQ: Pts:
Shraider Bloodfiend (daemon prince): 175 pts
MoN, Wings, Warptime.

Hyperion Stormreaver (sorcer): 170 pts
MoN, Familiar, Gift of chaos, Nurgle's Rot.

Greater Daemon: 100 pts

Prometheus' Terminators: 140 pts
4x terminators, 3x combi-melta, Heavy flamer.

Nyx's Chosen: 130 pts
5x Chosen, 4x Flamers, Aspring Champion.


Hephaistus` Marines: 280 pts
9x Marines, Champion, Plasma pistol,
Meltagun, MoN, Melta bombs, Rhino.

Tartarus` Marines: 255 pts
10x Marines, champion, power weapon.
MoS, Meltagun, melta bombs, Rhino.

Ares` Marines: 130 pts
5x Marines, champion, power weapon
MoS, Melta bombs

Chaos Daemons: 65 pts
5x chaos daemons

Heavy Support:

Defiler: 150 pts
2x Close combat weapons

Defiler: 150 pts
2x Close combat weapons

Tottal: 1745