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    1750 Hand of Horus list

    So this is what i'm currently running. Please tell me what you think.

    155-DP, lash, MoS, Wings

    190-x4 Termies, all with Lightning Claws, MoK

    288-x6 Plague Marines, 2 meltaguns, Asp. Champ. w/ power fist------Rhino w/ TW Bolter
    269-x9 Thousand Sons, Warptime------Rhino w/ TW Bolter
    135-x5 Plague Marines, 2 meltaguns

    225-x3 Obliterators Note: Termies and Abaddon are in the Land Raider
    220-Land Raider (eventhough its dedicated so its actually elites...)

    There it is. I haven't decided which squad of P. Marines needs the rhino more, but the DP did wonders on some tau the other night. The Thousand Sons were awesome in that, but i hate the slow and purposeful. By the way, does the slow and purposeful let me fire my 24 inch shot when I move? Regardless, I've run this list twice so far and been proud of its performance, but the foot print seems a little small.... I don't know, tell me what you think.

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    This is a very big eggs in one basket list. You have nearly half your army tied up in the Land Raider. This will lead to huge blowouts, either for your win or loss, just so you know.

    The Plague Marines need a Rhino, all of them. Short ranged guns on foot are useless and 5 Marines, even T5 FnP Marines, will die on foot. Battlecannon, bye bye.

    The Thousand Sons would be much better with Bolt, it can shoot out the top at armor or MCs, even with Warptime the Sarge is far from a CC beast and the unit isn't designed to assault.

    Split your Oblits into a squad of 1 and a squad of 2, more targets for the enemy and let's you split fire.

    I'd say there's some rework to be done before this wins a lot of games. You only having two mobile scoring units and you'd have a big issue with hordes, Abbaddon and Termies are not going to beat 90 Orks.
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    HQ: Drop abaddon. 5 MoK terminators will win most combats anyway so who needs to spend the all those points on the despoiler.

    Elites: Take 5 with one of them armed with a chainfist/HF to thin out enemies and act as dread deterrance.

    Troops 1: Should cost 271 points. You could upgrade the extra bolter to a combiplasma/melta to give the empty rhino a threatening antitank role. It micht take a little heat from the LR.

    Troops 2: Don't take bolt as it is an expensive way to get a not particularly good anti tank weapon. A combimelta on the rhino is far better at this and lets the rest of the squad shoot MEQs. I would take doombolt as the power to keep the cost down and the ap3 firepower at the maximum. Try to aviod combat. 1Ksons are ok at it but you really should be using them to rappidfire as often as you can. People will tie you up in combats just to avoid your shooting so use the daemonprince or termies to babysit them.

    Troops 3: Ditching abaddon should free up plenty of points to beef these up and maybe get another troop choice.

    Heavy: Oblits are good. I would split themn into single units and teleport them from unit icons in the rhinos for flexible close in fire support. LR is ok. Dropping abaddon could get you a second LR and put the 3rd troop choice in it.
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    Prince & MadCat have offered some really good advice. Here's one thing you might consider: Even close combat terminators will generally inflict more kills with a single claw & a combi-plasma, rather than dual claws. Also, consider that high init enemies such as genestealers will bruise your termis up pretty bad, as will Wyches. For this reason, it's nice to have some plasma shots to soften them up before c.c. ensues.

    Some numbers for you: Khornate termis on the charge against MEQs-

    Dual Claws: 7.5 kills
    Single Claw with combi-plasma: 11.2 kills
    Spambot kill tally. . .337

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