2000 pt. Black Legion - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pt. Black Legion

    Hey everyone, new to 40k for the most part and looking to finalize my build (before I go spending hard earned cash) so here it is.

    HQ: Abaddon
    HQ: Daemon Prince (Wings, MoS, Lash)

    Elite: 5x Terminators (Heavy Flamer, 2x Chainfist, 2x Combi Melta)

    Troops: 10x CSM (IoCG, 2x Melta, Champ w/PF, Rhino)
    Troops: 10x CSM (IoCG, 2x Melta, Champ w/PF, Rhino)
    Troops: 10x CSM (IoCG, 2x Flamer, Champ w/PF, Rhino)
    Troops: 10x CSM (IoCG, 2x Plasma Gun, Champ w/PF)

    Heavy: Predator (AutoCannon/Sponson Lascannons)
    Heavy: Predator (AutoCannon/Sponson Lascannons)
    Heavy: 2x Obliterators

    2000 pts exactly

    Now Abaddon doesn't need to be there, I got him as a gift, painted him and thats why he is there. I think he is badass but for the points I realize I can do better. I am thinking with him out, freeing up 275 points I can either do a land raider transport with demonic possession for the termies (leaving 35 pts for another rhino or whatever) or another slash prince (and a greater demon as I love the greater demon model by ultraforge). If the dual lash prince thing or even one is just played out or cheesy or whatever, then mark of nurgle, wings and warptime. I realize this list is pretty basic in terms of troops and all that, but this is my first list and first full army I am building. Anything you can add is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Abbadon is killy, if you can get him into combat. he does have term armor so can be deepstriked or run him in a land raider. the DP is the best hq for the cost, though the warptime prince is more tactically flexible

    take the 5 terms, make it 4, a heavy flamer, 3 combi-plasma or melta and 1 chain-fist. if running the land raider, put them in with abbadon

    replace the plasma squad with 7 plague marines

    you are running a mechanized list, i do not like having infantry heavy support. but they can deepstrike, but think about replacing them with a defiler

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