Daemon Prince
MoN, wings, warptime -175
Plague Marines (7)
Plasma(2), champ, PF, combiplasma, rhino, icon -281
Plague marines (7)
Melta(2), rhino, icon -221
Obliterator (2) -150
Terminators (5)
Combiplas(4), HF, chainfist -190
Lesser daemons (5) -65
Lesser daemons (5) -65
Lascannon spons -130
Bikers (4)
Flamers(2), champ, PW, IoN -221


I was hoping to summon the daemons either on objectives or behind lines to tie up heavy infantry. In fact, I'm tempted to drop the pred for more daemons. Would this be wise? My potential three partners are: Armor Gaurd that runs valkyries, Chaos that does a lash prince, deepstriking termies and berzerks, and lastly a Space Marine army that can really run anything including an all droppod list, but mostly runs lots of marines and tach squads. There's an offchance that one of the guys will run a big green ork horde army too.
Its safe to say me and my partner will be playing against the other two, so I kind of have to do an all comers list. Anything jump out at you?