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    2K CSM, some help needed.

    I don't know, maybe it's my bad luck. but with my main opponents being nids and orks, I seem to lose more often then I win.

    This is an example of one of my lists. Please give me some advice.

    2 × Daemon Prince_________________310
    Wings, mos, lash

    5 Terminators_____________________215
    MoN, 1 reaper

    10 Death guard____________________300
    2 plasma gun
    ac: pf

    9 noice marines___________________325
    8 sonic blasters, 1 blastmaster
    ac: pf

    8 bikers____________________________344
    MoN, 2 plasma guns

    3 obliterators_______________________225

    2 defiler____________________________300

    Sometimes I use these units:
    - 5 terminators
    MoK, Chainfist, landraider.

    - Landraider

    - 10 chosen
    5 plasma guns, MoN
    (these will then outflank my enemy)

    - 10 raptors
    (these guys used to be my favorite. WhY don't play them anymore is beyond me...)

    Am I doing something wrong here? Are these not the right list against orks/nids?

    The best thing about chaos, is your opponent's face when he looks at your disgusting Plague marines

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    Point for point DP are your best hq choice

    i would probably change your terms to a "karmoon special" Deep strike them as a trouble shooter unit

    instead of one squad of PM at 10 units try out 2 squads at 7, against hordes hard to argue with noise marines, and with your lashes the blast master is very good

    i have never heard any one really happy with bikes, too expensive for what they do, raptors are good but tend to get blown up as they can do scary things,

    a squad of 10CSM with 2 flamers may help against hordes,

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    I agree HQs are very powerful.

    Termies should ditch the reaper and take all combiplasmas. Put one PF or CF in there too. Icons are ok in larger squads but IoCG is cheaper for a 5 man unit and it is always upsetting to see IoN or IoK termies run because of a bad leadership roll.

    Troops: 2x7 PMs sounds good. One squad with PF + 2 melta and the other with 2 plasmas (PF optional but they can get by without). Noise marines are good but don't need the champion at all. Drop him and considder 2 units of 6. Blast masters are ok but expensive. If it wasn't for the dual lash I would ditch them.

    Fast: Chaos bikes are very overpointed for what you get. Drop them entirely for more troops and some rhino transports for the PMs.

    Heavy: Good.
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