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    Word Bearers 1500 w/ kharn

    Before we start, I would like to say that kharn is being used to represent a dark apostle because i think that he has very fun rules, and I am not super-fluffy.

    Here goes:

    HQ: Kharn- 165
    HQ: Lash Prince- 155, these things are a steal

    Troops: Apostolic bodyguard (berserkers): 8, rhino- 203
    Troops: tank hunters: 10 marines, 2 melta guns, rhino w/ combi-melta, fist champ, IOCG- 265
    Troops: Tank Hunters: 10 marines, 2 melta, rhino w/ cobi-melta, fist champ, IOCG- 265

    Heavy: Vindi, DP- 145
    Heavy: Vindi, DP- 145
    2 Oblits- 150


    It ran really well when I played it, though I won probably because of the lash prince/berserker/ vindi setup, but Karn and his troops tore into about 500 points of enemy units, only losing to underpriced, overpowered, th/ss termies that re-rolled to hit and insta-gibbed my troops- darn you vulkan and your twin-linked flamestorm cannons! /end rant. I am thinking of posting a battle report, but I am not sure how to do so, I guess I will read some and figure out the format.

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    You have so much anti tank firepower there, every unit can murder even predators, by guns or Strength 5 on the charge. Not too shabby at all.

    It sounds a lot like how I play, with Word Bearer colour scheme, and still having some claimed units, claimed by one god. Although if fluff is wanted, HQ at least shudnt have any at all. I can really see the use of the lash prince and the combinations he creates, but unless this is for serious play, try tone down on individual gods, and have only IoCG and basic squads and no mark on either HQ.

    However that does create an army list that looks and feels great, but never seems competitive.
    Up to you. You could keep the theme, just include a bunch of daemons

    Go Word Bearers !

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