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    1250 Local Tournament

    So some freinds and I are going to a tournament on Jan 16.
    Here is the list I plan on running.

    125-Chaos Sorcerer
    Mark of Slaanesh
    Lash of Submission
    208-Khorne Berzerkers x8
    Champion with Power Fist
    45-Rhino with Combi-Melta
    236- Plague Marines x7
    Plasma Gun x2
    Champion with Power Weapon, Meltabombs, and Combi-Flamer
    45-Rhino with Combi-Melta
    246- Thousand Sons x7
    Aspiring Sorcerer with Bolt of Change
    45-Rhino with Combi-Melta
    Fast Attack
    Heavy Support
    150-Defiler with Heavy Flamer and Close Combat Weapon

    Wargear reasoning
    I took the sorcerer over a deamon prince because: it allows me to lash but keeps this valuable power safe in a rhino and a squad of guys, it adds a little bit more overkill to the bezerker squad, and it frees up some points to add to the thousand son squad
    All rhinos have combi-meltas because it makes them a little bit more useful after they have dropped off their troops
    The plague marine champion has a flamer to soften up squads before the assult so they can wipe out squads (in case a squad of troops tries to contest later in the game and may have only one turn to wipe them out) Melta bombs are incase of assault by bigger things
    Thousand Sons Sorcerer has Bolt of change because if one strength 8 shot is good two must be better!
    Obliterators are split up because my opponent has to waste two squads shooting attacks to take both out and if they shoot the obliterators they arnt shooting at the rest of my army.
    Defiler doesnt have two close combat arms because I only have one.
    The sorcerer goes with the berzerkers and lashes things in to assult range or out of cover to be shot.
    Thousand sons move with berzerkers taking points on my opponents side and shooting Bolt of change out of the top of their Rhino
    Plague marines defend my side of the board attacking things that come onto my side or things avoiding the berzerkers and thousand sons
    One Obliterator is always deployed while the other is either deployed or deep striked
    Defiler is always in reserves to protect it from fire the first few turns
    Obliterators shoot transports at long range and melta vehicles or plasma cannon squads as the enemy gets closer
    Defiler shoots transport and squads out in the open and advances to assult and flamer or stays back avoids melta fire

    Any and all comments are welcomed
    If you dont like it tell me whats wrong and why!
    If you like it tell me as well
    Thanks a ton for any comments!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aberson126 View Post
    I took the sorcerer over a deamon prince because: it allows me to lash but keeps this valuable power safe in a rhino and a squad of guys, it adds a little bit more overkill to the bezerker squad,
    You cheesed Kenny, you *******!

    Legion leader guy: "Alright boys, this sorcerer here doesn't have a ride, so he'll be carpooling with you khornates.
    Khorne BerserkersL "By the blood god, does anybody care for the bloody fluff these days?"

    I would take the combi-weapon, meltabombs and power weapon off of the plague champion for a powerfist. One hidden fist is pretty crazy, but it's just my opinion that every squad that should, should always use a powerfist to deter walkers and wraithlords alittle.
    Create flames for a galaxy and it will be warm. Put a galaxy in flames and it will be warm for the rest of it's existence.

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