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    2500 Chaos Combined [Tournement]

    Theres a 2500 doubles tournement, and the list(s) I made for it are as follows. I am not sure how good it will be, but it will look good and be very fluffy.

    Chaos Daemons And Chaos Space Marines

    Daemon Half

    Herald of Khorn 100
    Fury of Khorne, Chariot of Khorn
    Herald of Slaanesh 65
    Chariot of Slaanesh

    10 Daemonettes
    10 Bloodletters
    10 Plaguebearers
    10 Pink Horrors

    Daemon Prince 185
    Mark of Khorne,Flight,Iron Hide
    Daemon Prince 140
    Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide

    Chaos Marine Half

    Daemon Prince 200
    Mark of Tzeentch,Wings,BoC,Warptime,Icon(if they get icon)
    Daemon Prince 155
    Mark of Slaanesh, Wings, LoS,Icon(if they get icon)

    10 Chaos Space Marines 260
    2xMelta,IoCG,Ac w/ Pf, Rhino with combi melta
    10 Chaos Space Marines 260
    2xMelta,IoCG,Ac w/ Pf, Rhino with combi melta

    10 Summoned Lesser Daemons 130
    1 Greater Summoned Daemon 100
    2 Obliterators

    4 Terminators 150
    1 PF, 4 Combi Plasmas

    2500 Total ( 10 points under or over or something, Idk if the Csm princes get icons or not.)

    Basically, 2 Units of Word Bearer Csm start in play, and everything else comes in periodically. Some summoned lesser daemons are there for cost and tying up enemies in cc, until the better daemons can assault them.
    Other than that, it is designed just to have one prince and one 10 man daemon squad to each god, and one summoned daemon and 10 summoned lesser daemons dedicated to another god ( they have diff models ). The Oblits, Termis, Csm, and the two CSM daemon princes are all word bearer, to fit in the daemon heavy fluff.
    I would like some C&C please, as this is my first list with two armies, and my first as daemons too.
    Posted in both Army list areas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorgar View Post
    but it will look good and be very fluffy.
    Look good....Yes
    Fluffy.... Not even close.

    3 marks in the chaos army and 4 in the daemons army... Not fluffy.

    Anyways it does look like a good list, but may i suggest 2 lash princes. that way you can pull out the enemy more effectively and assualt them sooner.
    The Wolf time is upon us!
    Rep for the Rep God! Positive for the Positive Throne!
    Armies: Space Wolves, Imperial Guard, Emperors Children, Necrons, Eldar

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    Yeah, if you are trying to be fluffy, id go undivided on all of the word bearer csm. I don't agree that the daemons should remove their marks. Daemons are, with few exceptions, devoted to a particular god, and removing marks off them doesn't make sense to me.

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