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    1750 Competitive with Thousand Suns or No?

    Hi Guys and gals,

    I am looking to put together a 1750 Competitive list that includes Thousand Suns.

    I've come up with the following and wonder what really works, what you might change, plus what comp it might get in Aussie Tournies - out of 5?

    The Lord was going to be represented by Ahriman but I had 5 points to use (needing 10 for a IOCG for the second Marine squad but not able to find the extras) so gave teh lord a Mark of Slaneesh so he would hit first in assaults.

    All comments welcome so let me know what you think


    Chaos Lord w Termie Armour, Daemon Weapon & Mark of Slaneesh - 150

    Daemon Prince w Wind of Chaos & Mark of Slaneesh - 145


    Thousand Sun Squad A - 7 Warriors w Asp Champ w Doombolt - 231

    Thousand Sun Squad B - 6 Warriors w Asp Champ w Doombolt, RHINO - 243

    Plague Marine Squad - 5 warriors w Plasma Gun - 130

    Chaos Marine Squad A - 10 Marines w Plasma Gun & Missile Launcher, Icon of Chaos Glory - 185

    Chaos Marine Squad B - 6 Marines w Melta Gun, Asp Cham w Power Fist, in RHINO - 175


    Chaos Dreadnought w Twin Linked Lascannons & Missile Launchers - 125

    HEAVY - 365


    Chaos Land Raider w Daemonic Possession

    So the plan would be that the Lord would go with the Large Sun Squad in the Land Raider and put on some assault hurt, Plagues and large Marine Squad hold objectives, Vindi and Dred offer Ranged support, and the other squads go where needed.

    So, what do you think?


    Sometimes I need to temper my enthusiasm, then I remember the impossible IS possible!
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    Points cost discrepancies:

    Plague Marines = 145
    Chaos Squad B = 190

    General observations: I'm having a hard time seeing how your army works together. Your long range tank busting is a bit weak. Normally, competitive chaos builds can get away with this, because they opt to focus more on brute close combat force. However, your list hasn't an adequate number of melee units, nor have you included a sizable number of long-range options. In short, you've got a little bit here and there, but nothing solid. Each unit in turn:

    Lord: Not bad. Just bear in mind that in games less than 2000 points, having dual HQs can greatly deplete you of vital points required to maintain the rest of your army. If you think you might need additional points invested elsewhere in your list, then I was certainly take them from here.

    Prince: Needs Wings... desperately. Wings are one of the chief reasons this beast is feared so much. Although, if you put him on foot, then he's easily avoided and shoot to smithereens. Also, Winds of Chaos is ok, but for a truly competitive close combat prince, I think you'll find Warp Time to be a superior option. For one thing, unless you're sending your princes against a heavily armored tank (i.e., land raider), then he should easily punch through the armor via monstrous creature status. Furthermore, since Warp Time allows your prince to re-roll all misses, you have a very good chance of destroyed any vehicle he comes in contact with. Against infantry, well, Warp Time is just plain old ridiculous.

    Thousand Sons: Both of these squads should probably be 8 members strong (sorcerer included). Each should have a rhino if at all possible.

    Plague Marines: Your objective squatters, yes? Rather expensive for that role. To be honest, we don't have any real solid choices for units that can simply sit back on an objective and hold it cheaply. Plaguers are too expensive. Our best option is Lesser Daemons. I'd suggest either dropping the Plague Marines entirely or else buffing them up. Soemthing like this:

    7-8 plague marines
    *2x specials
    *1x champ with fist
    *1x rhino

    Chaos Marines: General note- They don't make good objective holders, because you can't equip them with long range weapons without taking a very high model count. This begs the question of their efficiency, as you don't want to have large chunks of your points invested in a single heavy weapon that sits at the back of your deployment zone. By design, CSMs excel in close quarter combat, usually with dual special weapons, a rhino, and a champ with a power fist. This is pretty much the only configuration I use for them.

    Dread: Due to instability, our dreads are pretty much confined- competitively speaking- to a couple variants:

    Dread with c.c. weapon & missile launcher

    Dread with dual c.c. weapons (optional extra armor)

    Any heavy hitting weapons that have a chance of targeting your own lines should be avoided. This means las-canons & multi-meltas. The benefit of the missile launcher is that you can opt to use the Frag round, which can be brushed off quite easily.
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