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    1500pt friendly black legion

    1 Daemon Prince w/ MoT, Wings, Warptime and Bolt of change( for a little anti armor) 200

    1 Dreadnaught w/ TL lascannons 125

    7 Plague Marines w/ 2 flamers and rhino with combi melta. Asp. Champ with power fist 256

    8 Khorne Berserkers w/ Skull champion w/powerfist and rhino w/combi melta 253

    7 noise marines w/6 sonic blasters and blastmaster 210

    6 raptors asp. champ w/power fist and 2 meltas 180

    1 defiler 150

    I am thinking of taking out the raptors and adding a second defiler

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    Personally, I'd switch the lascannon on the dread for a missile launcher, last thing you want is him to go crazy and blow up a Rhino or your Defiler. I'd also remove the Blastmaster from the Noise Marines as they seem better on paper than in practice and add a champ with PW and Doomsiren and a Rhino to the squad. Instead of removing the Raptors with a second Defiler, try a squad of 2 Oblits for some long range anti-tank.

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