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Thread: Good or Fail

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    Good or Fail

    hey guys this i just a list i wrote up and i was wondering if it would do badly in freindly game given the reputation of bikers. I think i seems like it would be fun yet a challange at the same time.

    I also thought that i could swap the khorne dudes for khorne raptors to make it even more fun.

    So if it is bad how could i make it work with the bikes and lord, i just like the idea because as some of you may seen my approved list has come to seem too generic to me and i want some fun.

    And also i know i have to drop the plasma pistol and melta bombsl i just want the idea approved.

    2000 point list
    HQ- Daemon Prince w/ wings, mark of nurgle and warptime__175 points

    *Chaos Lord w/ bike, plasma pistol, melta bombs and a daemon weapon__180 points

    Elites- 10 Chosen w/ mark of khorne, three plasma guns, one melta gun__290 points
    └1 model is a champion w/ a power weapon
    └ Rhino__35 points

    Troops- 10 Chaos Space Marines w/ mark of glory, melta gun and plasma gun__ 230 points
    └ one model is a champion w/ a powerfist and melta bombs

    10 Khorne Berserkers__245 points
    └ one model is a champion w/ power weapon and melta bombs
    └ Rhino w/ combi weapon__45 points

    9 Thousand Sons__269 points
    └ one model is a sorcerer w/ bolt of change

    10 Lesser Daemons__130 points

    Fast Attack- 5 Bikers w/ mark of khorne and two melta guns__250
    └ one model is a champion with a power weapon and melta bombs

    Heavy Support- Defiler__ 150 points

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