I decided to play some lists for fun rather than just the same old same old efficient lists. I've played this twice, and got a very good win (Wolves), and a reasonable win (Necrons). Just shows you...., your lists don't always have to be 'tight'.

Lord: Wings, DW <rides with a Plague Marine squad and jumps between units as required>

Sorcerer: MoS, Lash, Wings, Melta Bombs <rides with the Terminator squad and jumps between units as required>

4 Slaaneshi Termintors (3 Combi-Plasma, Heavy Flamer, Chain Fist) + Landraider with Extra Armour
These guys get the jump on I4 MEQs etc

2x 8 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Champ with Fist, Rhino

Squad of 3 Obliterators

Defiler with 3 Claws

Squad of 8 Havocs IoCG with 3 MLs


The Havocs are handy for sitting on Objectives and blowing up Flankers, DS etc.

Comment and criticism appreciated as ever.

Lord Ramon