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    Help on a list with a little pow! give me knowledge! LOL just read it

    Hey everyone i as some of you may have seen i do have a chaos list that is LO approved but it seems too plain too me and i was wondering if you guys could help me on making something good yet has most of the thing i think are cool. I also have to say i have yet to play serious game and will be going to GW to learn the ropes as i finish my lists. Please dont ask me how i manage solid lists with no experience i have a thing for this game and i dont really get it either(too much LO and Grax of course). i cant wait to start playing with what ive got so far. Anyways heres what i think is cool stuff. Also if i go in with some models (enough for a small game) will they teach me?

    DEFILER!!! (a must have)
    terminators (maybe a lord and a pimped land raider for them.)
    thousand sons

    Thing i already have that i gotta use.
    10csm with the works
    7 plague marines
    daemon prince
    1 rhino so far

    So im pretty clueless on terminator configurations and chaos lord configuration but uh hit me with some thoughts lists, structures etc.

    Heres what i thought:

    HQ: Prince, nurgle, warptime, wings

    Lord with i have no idea

    Elites: Termies also with i have no idea

    Troops: 9 thousand sons

    My 10 csm

    my PLague marines

    Fast: 10 raptors with fist and 2 meltas

    Heavy: Land raider with can you guess?...... yep i have no idea


    The most important thing for now is any typical or good temie/lord and land raider configurations then i can make a list for you guys to tear up. Thanks!.

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    Devin you may get more response if you try and make your posts a little less... weird and confusing. But, onward to the list!

    First: Terminator Lords are poop compared to DP's. But, if you really have to run one, run him with either some lightning claws, or a chainfist and multi weapon or something.

    Second: Equip all but one of your terminators with combi meltas or plasmas and a power weapon. Give the other guy a heavy flamer and a power/ chainfist.

    Third: If you have a LR, then run the squad of termies with the lord in it. Also, give it some Lascannons, as chaos needs all the tank busting it can get.

    Fourth: Defilers are nasty, so go for two. And, depending on your points limit, look into Obliterators.

    Hope this helps! Oh, and if you go into most GW stores or even your local distributor, you should find someone to help teach you the basics with a demo. Just don't bring 1500 points down for your first game.
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    As Phil said, Chaos Lords = Poo... Rather than chaos lords maybe look at a special character, Kharne or Huron can be very good.

    Phil got it right on the termis, I prefer plasma but meltas work too. In regards to the land raider, make sure to run it with daemonic posession. That way it can't be stunned / shaken and can deliver the termi cargo a little bit quicker. 2 defilers are usually better than one but with the landraider in there already a second one may not be needed.

    I also wanted to add that I am COMPLETELY against the use of thousand sons. Consider this: Thousand sons are immune to the very good AP weapons but are like normal marines against normal weapons like bolter. So basically your 1k sons will take all of the anti infantry(of which most armies have quite a bit without any upgrades) fire and die like normal (but much more expensive) marines. Plague marines on the other hand should fare much better due to to the fact that all of those high strength / low AP weapons will be targeting your vehicles.

    I would advise looking at noise marines over thousand sons. The cost is similar but they have much better range, mobility, and more shots when equipped with sonic blasters. They actually kill nearly the same amount of marines as 1k sons and by far MORE guard equivalent models.

    My $.02...

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironangel256 View Post
    My $.02...
    Make that $.04 (my pennies too ).

    Thousand Sons are strictly a casual/fun unit, and for the reasons IronAngel outlined above. They just cannot support themselves against any kind of basic weapons spam. Then, there's close combat to consider: When up against melee swarms, such as Orks or Nids, you're Thousand Sons will function no better in close combat than a basic CSM. Worse actually, since the Thousand Sons only receive 1 attack. For the cost, you're far better off with Plague Marines, which have respectable close combat and appropriate staying power for their model type (i.e., protection from anti-infantry hate for infantry models. Seems appropriate enough).
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