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    How should I finish this

    Hey guys I have been told my post have been a big confusing which can understand so here are your instructions
    1. Tell me what's wrong with the list and how to make it better
    2. The lists adds up to 1776 points so I need to know how to finish it.
    3. Anything else, thanks

    HQ- prince- nurgle wings, warptime 175

    Lord-termi armour, khorne, lightning claws 140

    Elites- 4 terminator champs with lightning claws, khorne 230
    Land raider- daemonic possession 240

    Troops- 10 CSM with 2 plasma powerfist champ and glory 230

    8 Noise marines with powerfist and doom siren champ, sonic blaster and a blast master 285

    7 plague marines with powerfist champ and 2 meltas 221

    3x rhino- 35x3

    Heavy- defiler 150

    get tag work!!!!! Lol

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    A pair of Obliterators would go well, hell they go well everywhere. That would be 150pts
    Maby even 3 to fin off at 2k

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    you might want to switch the plasma from the CSM and the melta on the PM, as the PM have a better chance to survive Gets Hot. The PM are better with dealing with MEQs and the CSM can tank hunt.

    What do you plan on doing with the Noise Marines? If they are going to be a mobile firebase then you might want to drop the Blastmaster, if they are sitting and shooting you might want to drop the Power Fist, and just use the rhino as cover and a ram.

    Your HQ is a supergroup, but will not likely make their points back @ 610pts.

    If you drop the termi-lord, make the thermi squad non champs or take off the icon, and change the blast master to a sonic blaster you should have about 215 points that can be used for 2 Dreads, or another defiler and fill out your tropps a bit.

    If you go with the 2 dreads it will make 7 armored units and a MC, makeing the anti-armor shots that your opponent has more importent for him to use wisely and easyer to make mistakes.
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