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    2.5k Nurgle force

    Playing a largish game with some friend, it's 5k doubles. I know my ally will bring some sort of khornish force, so i'm planning to field a nurgle army to back him up. I know my opponents are using Marine and Tyranid armies. The marine player is a big fan of using terminators and vehicles, i'm unsure of what the tyranid army will look like, likely something swarmy though.

    As such, here is my list:

    Typhus 225

    Chaos sorcerer 185
    Nurgle's rot

    Dreadnought 105
    Plasma cannon

    Terminatorsx5 285
    1x LC pair
    3x Chainfist

    Terminatorsx5 275
    4xLC pairs
    Heavy flamer

    7xPlague Marines
    2xPlasma gun x3 261
    Demonic Possession

    5xRaptors 260

    Land Raider 245
    Twin-linked Bolter
    Demonic Possession

    Greater Daemon 100

    7xLesser Daemons 91

    Come out as about 2500 points, so, comment away!

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    HQ: Typhus is a few too many points to be truly efficient but hey, if you can't use him in a 2500 point list where can you? Sorceror sucks really as you could get a MON, wings and warptime daemon prince for less points.

    Elites: Dread is ok. First termies need combiplasma all round. Second termies should be 4 strong to fit typhus in the LR. Also take 3 pairs of claws and one HF/CF. Imagine the disaster if an enemy dread locked them in combat and you had no CF.

    Troops: Need more. one squad isn't enough and the daemons don't count for minimums. Possession is poor on rhinos.

    Fast: 2 meltas and try for 7 biodies.

    Heavy: ok.
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    Some thoughts:
    1. Are you allowed to get four champions in your Terminator squads? I can't imagine that that would be legal OR points effective.

    2. Are your Terminators laid out like that due to how they are modeled?

    3. Typhus rules!

    4. Is your Sorcerer going around with the Raptors? Otherwise he might be expensive heavy weapons fodder.

    5. Gotta have more troops to make a legal list!

    6. I second Mad Cat that possession on Rhinos is a waste.

    7. Those Raptors seem WAY overpriced. Aren't they like only 100pts for 5? So the Icon, Meltagun, Champ and Powerfist cost 160 points?!?! Do you think that squad is going to get anywhere near 260pts (which can't be right) of stuff before it gets gunned down?

    I would suggest losing some Terminators and getting more Plague Marines. Those guys are simply the best troop choice available to your army or ANY army. Also, if you're not limited by models, I would suggest getting some sort of Heavy Support besides the Raider. As Chaos we have access to three of the best heavies in the game: The Vindicator, the Obliterator and the Defiler. It would be a shame not to capitalize on them in such a high pointed game! For the cost you have listed for ONE of those Terminator squads you could almost get TWO Defilers! And Defilers are so KILLY!
    Again, I can't say this enough, as Chaos we are strongest in our Troops, HQ and Heavy choices. We really shine there. The most competitive list that Chaos runs usually only consists of those three slots anyways. Between Daemon Princes, Vindicators, Defilers, Obliterators and Plague Marines, what else do you need right? On the flip side, we're extremely weak on the Fast Attack and Elite front. It might not be that the units are bad (unless you're talking Possessed!), just very awkwardly over-priced. With the exception of the optimal layout of Terminators (a "Termicide" unit or "Karmoon Special,") most don't make it into competitive lists.
    This doesn't mean you shouldn't play units that you favor, but instead might imply that you should try to optimize what you do decide to field in order to make it as competitive as possible. That means "cutting the fat" off of some of your units. Common incidences of "fat" in Chaos armies include:

    1. Unnecessary vehicle upgrades!
    Oh man, some people go way over the top with these, but common culprits include Daemonic Possession or Havoc Launchers on Rhinos. I have never NEVER NEVER seen these earn back their points. Ever. Never ever. Shaving that 20pts three times off of your three Rhinos is SIXTY points! That's two Terminators!

    2. Over manning your squads!
    Another horrible waste of points, especially in cult squads. I've seen too many 10 man Berzerker squads loaded up with the Champion and the like charge into a hapless squad of Guardsman, cut them to pieces after rolling five fist fulls of dice, the standing there dumbfounded during the Guard's turn, who lights em up with three pie-plates. I can't think of a thing (even though I'm sure they exist with some bad rolling) that can reliably live through 36 strength 5 attacks at WS 5 and I5 along with 5 more power weapon attacks... 7-8 seems to be a much better number, still providing the "this squad can kill anything" power, but less likely to do the "I killed everything way too quick and am about to die because I'm just standing here now," because they actually might kill the squad they are killing on your OPPONENTS turn, which is infinitely better that the alternative. Also, there's nearly nothing a squad of 7 Plague Marines can't do that a squad of 10 can. Save those points!

    3. Overspending on single squads!
    Your Terminators are a prime example. I find it to be much better to cut a lot of those weapons and upgrades in favor of increasing the number of efficient and effective units on the table. You can get an absolutely brutal squad of Terminators that will most likely out kill your Terminators for about 100 points less.

    Terminators (5)
    Combi-meltas (4), Chainfist, Heavy Flamer
    190 pts!


    Terminators (3)
    Combi-meltas (3)
    105 pts!!!!!!

    Those guys can teleport in off of your icons and reliably kill tanks if shooting at an advantageous spot... probably making their points back AND still being alive to BE TERMINATORS behind enemy lines!
    Keeping those squads LEAN will allow you to field more LEAN units, each effective and LETHAL!

    Hope that helps. Sorry about the ranting and the like. I guess, all of that aside, just try to have fun!
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