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    1500pt local tourney list.

    Hello. I usually run a friendly 1k sons list. I have modified my list through a bit of play testing over the last weeks and I think i have settled on a list. I would appreciate your insight.

    I typically run 2 units of sons and a vanilla unit of csm, backed by 2 defilers and a laz pred, with a sorc for a hq.

    My opponents are 1 blood angles, 2 space wolves, 1 guard, 1 black templar, 1 chaos, 1 tyranid, 1 ultra marine player.

    I have only played the templar and nid player, And I have nothing to fear from the nid player, the Templar player fields 1-2 land raiders, a vinidi, 1-2 dreads, 1 squad of marines, and a assault termi squad.

    Most of my opponents barring the guard and nids are heavily assault based.

    The changes I had made to my list over the last 2 weeks have been many varied attempts and trying out squads to deal with the large amount of assault based units and trying to fit in anti tank, Which my fun list doesn't have a-lot of.

    HQ - 2x Daemon Prince Mos/Lash/Wings
    - I started to use lash to bunch things for my ord, but find I use them most for playing keep away with the assault units.

    1x 1ksons x8 (7 sons 1 asp w/ doombolt) in a rhino.
    -I park these on my objective for the saves, and the ap gunfire for anything that approaches. I usually take Wind instead of bolt, but bolt was a point filler since I have to take a power on him, these are mostly for the saves/ap fire.

    1x vanilla csm squad x10 (no asp, no fist, 2x melta) in a rhino
    - i usually run a fist and a asp and 2 melta, but I mostly use them for tank busting/contesting/holding, and i needed points to fit my heavy supp, and i had to pilfer from somewhere)

    1x Plague marine squad 7x marines 1x plague champ ( fist and 2 meltas) in a rhino w/ combi melta
    - use these same as the 10man, tank busting and objective pushing. I honestly have never used these, i just replaced a raptor squad with them as i wanted 3 troop choices, and i could fit the same 2 melta's, asp and a fist in a smaller squad and get the benefit of fnp and blight grendaes.

    HEAVY -
    Defiler - Vanilla flamer/reaper
    - its modeled this way unfortunatly, but i find the flamer comes in handy occasionaly before it assaults. and it's another fire magnet as well as another pie plate. I either walk it with the other defiler or park it with my sons on the objective to back them up in case they get assaulted.

    Defiler - all weapons replaced with CC
    - standard walk up feild lobbing ord to get into cc, or holding back and lobbing cc on the lashed.

    Predator - Autoturret with laz sponsons
    - I was running this with just the laz turret, or laz turret/sponsons/possession. and just sniping things from afar. my opponents tend to try and pick it off wich is why i opted for possession as the cost for possesses is worth an extra round or 2 of shooting. I opted to forgo the tl laz/dp and just use the sponsons to snipe. I am unsure if the 2 sponsons are better than the twin linked turret when it comes to effectivness? I know the turret costs 45% less than the sponsons, wich would give me either possession and a melta for a rhino, or a combi melta and a fist/asp for the vanilla squad.

    I am really unsure about the predator loadout. Since I either run it as a single turret sniper, Or a fully kitted possesed laz sniper. It's still going to be a sniper role against armor, Is the sponson/auto setup worthwhile, Or is the tl-laz turret better suited forthe role and the 25 points better spent on troop upgrades?

    Any advice on my troop choices? the Sons role is fairly simple (park and defend, suppose I dont need a rhino for them for that, tho I tend to use it to block los or create choke points since no one shoots at a empty rhino typically).I imagine the plague will hold up better against assault specialized units better than the vanilla squad, And i think i have enough melta's to deal with most armor.

    I typically try and pop as much armor as possible to make his units walk to me while I lash the ones i dont want getting to me away as i drop ord/laz fire on everything else. I try not to get into cc if i dont have to (old school cult sons player, I still have that stay out of cc mindset) but i have some c capability in my 2 troop choices and 2 defilers if neccessary.

    That was a-lot longer than intended. Any critique/advice is much appreciated.

    //Note all my 5th edition expierience is from the last 2 weeks of playing maybe 10-12 games. Before that I havent played since the beginning of 4th edition and even then I played a strict sons cult army, So alot of the units and tactics are new to me.

    //edit: This may help in your suggestions. I have avail 15 terminators, 24 plague marines, 40 vanilla marines 32 thousand sons, ahriman, termi sorcerer lord, 30 berzerkers, kharn, abbadon, 6 bikes, 2 defilers, 1 pred, 5 raptors, 4 dreads, 2 daemon princes, 1 sorc lord on disc, 2 sorc lord on foot. 4 rhinos, 16 bloodletters, a bloodthirster and a lord of change, and 15 havocs.

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    looks like a good list. I'm personally a fan of vindi's over preds but it all depends on what your playing against.

    SIDENOTE: Am I to believe you let a templar player field only 1 troop and no HQ??????? ./rulebook slap him

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