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    Army Breakdown.... Need Advice

    Hey I'm pretty new to 40k, just started playing... and I'm not sure what to include in my army or what strategy to utilize

    It's a 1000 point army and I'm playing against Tau...

    My basic army list right now is:

    Chaos Lord
    Greater Daemon
    10 Khorne Beserkers with Rhino
    10 CSM, one with plasma.
    5 Termies---- 2 power fists, 2 combi weapons (1 melta, 1 plasma)
    1 Land Raider (with bolter for 5 pts)

    I'm not sure how this will stack up against his forces which include:

    Crisis Battle Suit Commander
    3 bodyguards-- Crisis battle suits (with shield drones)
    1 Hammerhead
    1 broadside
    10 Kroot
    10 Fire warriors

    P.S. I have do have some points to play around with like 150pts or so i need to fill and i'm willing to make any changes to the army that maybe necessary...

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    This should probably be in the army list section.

    Start with the basic, i would probably run your greater demon as a DP with either MoN or MoT. point for points most efficient HQ we have.

    Then get another rhino for your CSM and run your CSM with a champion, with a power fist and 2 assault weapons, either 2 melta's or flamers
    keep your berserkers in the rhino, but grab them a champion with power phist too.

    Now add either defilers or vindicators or autocannon turret with lascannon sponson pred, or obilts.

    You want as much armor as you can put out to draw fire away from your rhinos, dreadnoughts work as good armor as well but can scare inexperienced and experienced commanders

    Terminators and landraiders are great, but at 1000 points are hard to justify over what i have told you, unless you are deep striking terms are too hard to get where you need them and a single landraider is 25% of your army, a lot of points

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    *moved to the army-list section*
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    Assuming you can't change the loadout of what you have, take the rhino with the berserkers, and give it to the squad of 10 csm instead. Then stick the berserkers in the land raider. Berserkers go well with a land raider because of the assault ramp and will pretty much devastate anything, even if it's a bit of a points sink.

    The termies have combi-weapons and power fists, so they will probably want to deep strike.

    Chaos Lord's aren't the best HQ choice, but you can make them work. If you have to take him, have him either ride with the berserkers or the CSM (may involve removing one model from those respective squads to fit him). If he has terminator armor, DS him with the terminator squad.

    I don't have any experience with greater daemons, but if you're willing to use it as a d.prince as Prisoner37 suggested, a DP is always a solid choice.

    For the final 150 points, I recommend you get something to crack vehicles (like the hammerhead). Again, I agree with Prisoner37 - Oblits, a predator, a vindicator, or a defiler all work, and will also increase the survivability of the rest of your army.

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