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    1,500pt Black Legion Abaddon list

    Ok guys i know it's not all that new or original but to be honest i just LOVE the look of the Black Legion and after reading the Horus Heresy Abaddon is just amazing!
    but yeah so basically this is my first ptoper Chaos Marine list (the others were just for laughs really lol) so i'm not really sure how well it will work so i'll let you guys take a look and give me a hand

    HQ: Abaddon the Despoiler.
    Chaos Marine squad; 9 men and 1 Champion (Twin-Linked Bolter), Icon of Chaos Glory, Flamer, Autocannon.
    Chaos Marine Squad; 9 men and 1 Champion (Power Weapon), Icon of Tzeentch, 2 Flamers.
    Chosen Chaos Marines; 9 men and 1 Champion (Heavy Bolter), Icon of Chaos Glory, 4 Twin-Linked Bolters.
    Chaos Terminators; 5 Terminator Champions, Icon of Khorne, 5 Pairs of Lightning Claws.
    - Chaos Land Raider Transport; Dæmonic Possession, Havoc Launcher, Dover Blade.

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    HQ: I take it he is walking as you have no space in the LR. Ditch Abadon for a daemon prince from the following list....
    MoN, wings, warptime
    MoT, wings, warptime, doombolt
    MoS, Wings, Lash.

    Troops: CSMs need to be 10 strong with a PF champion, take 2 special weapons (both the same). Never take a heavy weapon. IoCG is best or IoK. Other icons are better replaced by cult troops. Considder rhinos too. I like to put meltas in the squads and combiflamers on the rhinos or the other way round.

    Elites: Termies are fine as they are and don't need abadon to make them any stronger. What happens if an enemy dread charge them? You spend the rest of the game dying and scraping paint off AV12 with S4 L-Claws. Get a Chain fist in the unit and might as well put a heavy flamer on the guy too. The LR should drop the havoc launcher.
    Chosen suck. Ditch them for noise marines with loads of sonic blasters. They will do the same job as massed chosen combi bolters but can do it from longer range with each guy firing 3 bolter shots at 24". They also caount as troop choices so can hold home objectives.
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